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Jada fire - btits-a-poppin'/b Tits-A-Poppin' The kooky X-Files plot of the feature DVD Tits-A-Poppin' involved a secret fluid that gives guys the telekinetic power to pop the tops of curvy women. They become kinda like Jedi jug knights. Jada Fire, Denise Derringer, Danielle Derek, Jade Feng and Daphne Rosen starred in this wacky comedy. The executives at Bustin' Out Records are eager to fuck curvy girls any way they can. When they're given this fluid by the president, they take full advantage to score girls who want to become singers. Jada Fire arrives at the office for her audition and sings her song. Ashley has already taken the liquid and uses telekinesis to make her top drop. Jada buttons up and tries singing again. He pops her blouse again, and before long, she's singing into his meat microphone. The music industry is a dirty business full of sleazeballs trying to manipulate girls for sex, and this movie sought to expose that to the public. These guys really fuck their every way. The janitor will clean up the mess and get the office ready for the next audition of a future curvy idol. That's showbiz, folks.See More of Jada Fire at SCORELAND2.COM!. Beverly paige - cream-filled Cream-Filled I have been told I am beautiful at giving head, said Beverly Paige. Beverly demonstrated her head skills and a whole lot more in this scene. You can't just put a cock in your mouth. That's like a guy putting his fingers in you and that's it. You need suction without teeth. You need to use your hands and lick the right places. You have to look at your partner and see what he likes and what is turning him on. I just don't want balls in my mouth. I am all about the cock.I love to be watched. I think that is a big part of it. I like doggie. I like to get on top and do a split on him. Guys like cowgirl so my breasts are in their face. I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs! I feel like, 'Hello! I have these! Play with these!' Guys just ignored them! Usually the titty-fucking thing is just at the beginning because they want to try it.See More of Beverly Paige at SCORELAND.COM!. Randy teen Do you like guys to go down on you  I love to get my cunt eaten! With a little direction the guy can have me ejaculate in no time. The secret is to make soft circles around my clit and stick a finger in my slit.  Do you like to give penish cock suckingingjob jobs as much as you like getting eaten out  Well if I'm honest, I prefer to get my cunt eaten, but I still love to give penish cock suckingingjob jobs. Especially when the guy is really into it. I make sure to use lots of spit, and I'm working on my deep throat skills. I can swallow a penish pleasant deep, but I still have a little bit of a gag reflex. I have a fantasy that I'm with two guys and I take turns cock suckinging their penishs.   Have you ever been in a three-way before Not really. The closest I ever came was having a guy watch me have sex. I got really turned on by it, and while I was have sex I kept getting the urge to sucking the other guy's penish. But I didn't want to say anything because I didn't think my boyfriend would like it. He wasn't too crazy about someone watching us but went along with it for me. But we broke up, so maybe now I can have some fun with two guys.See More of Jenna Marie at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Liza biggs - curvy bikini baby Busty Bikini Baby It's bikini time with the large Liza Biggs. She's got the bodacious bod for skinny swimsuits. The Secret Service should be bodyguarding this national treasure at the beach, not wasting effort guarding politicians.I even have cleavage when I'm wearing a T-shirt, says Liza. They're just that freaking voluminous. There have been a few times when I've been at airports when a few guys have stopped and said, 'Damn! I just had to stop and say cute job. They'll congratulate me and I didn't do anything. I'll just say thanks. And then they keep walking.I love this appealing model, Seth praises. She is so sultry, super busty and soft delicious. She has so much camera confidence and melts every shoot she does. I really hope she continues with TSG because her work has me entranced and a voluminous fan. I love how delicate she is in any clothing. Her curves are cruel fantasy for huge tit fans. Her hips, anal and legs and face, hair, eyes and lips throw me over the waterfall...she has the one-two punch for me to be dropped hard. Love all you give babe!Liza is a guest on the first episode of SCOREtv season 2. Don't miss her.See More of Liza Biggs at SCORELAND.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's bridal boob bang Arianna's Bridal Boob Bang We all agree that Arianna is the kind of girl you'd bring home to meet the parents, the kind of girl you might even take the large plunge with and marry. So let's say you did marry Arianna. Of course, there'd be a large ceremony. A lavish reception with friends and family. But what would your wedding night be like What would happen when you and your new wife retired to your wedding suiteRomance, Arianna said. Love. Passion. And plenty of sex! I know a lot of people don't have sex on their wedding night, but I definitely would!So, maybe you'd be pooped from a night of partying, ready to hit the sack, maybe prepared to break your marital cherry the next morning. But then, Arianna takes off her wedding dress, and that idea goes flying out the window along with your bachelorhood.I would give you the best sucs job I have ever given because you are my honey, Arianna said. I would make love to your penis. Then we would have intercourse however you wanted, and maybe I would suc you some more. And you could ejaculate in my vagina if you wanted because you would be my husband, but perhaps you would like to ejaculate on my tits. Whatever you want, I am yours now!Looks like you'll be going to bed early from now on. But you might never go to sleep again.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Daphne rosen - best of voluminous tit hooker 5 Best of great Tit hooker 5 Would you stop and honk for voluminous-boobed, voluminous-assed Daphne Rosen if you saw her in this insane dress This guy picks her up because he knows a sweet deal when he sees one. Although he doesn't know Daphne, a juicy give suck in the front seat helps to get them acquainted. They could have make love in the car like Kianna Dior did. But this Johnny-cum-hard needs room to maneuver his voluminous cock inside Daphne's world-famous ass, her pink hole and between her giant tits. They sneak over to his place, running in so the neighbors don't see. He's lucky his mother is out. The first room Daphne give suck him in is the laundry room. Then they head to the bedroom. Daphne's his curvy analy prostitute for the afternoon and he aims to make the most of his time in her pussy and asshole. It's a sweet thing Daphne doesn't charge by the inch. Rubbing his meat-axe between her voluminous fuckin' tits, she jerks him off with her sweet, soft hand until he explodes in her mouth. See More of Daphne Rosen at SCORELAND.COM!. Ingrid swenson - bring those hooters here Bring Those Hooters Here Frequent SCORE letter writer R.N. enjoys the trend of SCORE and V-mag reader wives showing their tits, spreading their cunt lips and often doing hardcore, such as Red Vixen. Wrote R.N. Although I enjoy jacking over all of your models, I get a special thrill from knowing that the model is married and that her husband encourages her to pose and/or have sex for your camera. It's as if the husband is aware that all of us SCORE readers are like a fraternity and that we all share the same appreciation for hot, lovely women with big tits. My thanks to their husbands who are my 'brothers' in the SCORE fraternity. Thanks to Ingrid Swenson for sharing her tits and bod,.As SCORE editor Dave put it, Once upon a time in the land of men's magazines, if a model was married or had a boyfriend, the readers never found out about it. The idea was that the readers wanted to fantasize that the model could be their girlfriend or wife...that she wasn't taken...that she wasn't going home to some other guy. So, men's magazine editors weren't going to ruin the fantasy. It's something that's not supposed to be seen, that's supposed to be prurient and secret. But Ingrid is married to a SCORE Man who gave her permission to let other men make porn videos with her. My sexual fantasy was to be in a men's magazine and to make a video, Ingrid said. Fantasy fulfilled. See More of Ingrid Swenson at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina hart - laundry day Laundry day Ah, Karina! She can make an ordinarily mundane task, like doing the laundry, exciting. Riddle: How many H-cup bras can Karina stuff into the washing machine at one time Probably two or three, at most. I don't wash my bras in the washing machine, Karina said. They are too expensive. I wash them with my own two hands. Okay, show of hands here, men: How many of you would volunteer to do Karina's wash, just for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handle her bras and panties and see how stretched out her tight tops really get. Count us in, and we hate doing the laundry. I hate it, too, but this time, it was fun, Karina reported after getting all soapy, for who knows what reason. Really, why is Karina pouring laundry detergent over her precious boobs Because they're there!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - biker girl Biker Girl Linsey in da house. Complimenting Linsey's Biker Girl video, LDM's swapped her jeans, tight top and mechanix doo-rag for this body-clinging, traffic-stopping dress and look-at-my-feet high heels. Who prefers this look to what she wore in the video No need to raise your mouse hand. The rubber joystick didn't come as a ladies' accessory with the bike. Consider it a side gift from LDM, your favorite tasty torque twister. Linsey's acrobatic posing on the bike is itself a marvel of British engineering. Imagine the carnage Linsey would leave in her wake if she raced bareback on England's M1 or Florida's Turnpike.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Katrin - full-figured fox Full-Figured Fox Katrin is a new busty knockout our model team found during a recent search for new hot babes. She'd never seen XL Girls before. The way Katrin dresses in this video is how she dresses normally. This is how she'd look if you spotted her shopping in a mall, so she says. Katrin has a nice face and a crazy-generous figure that attracts loads of attention. Katrin took to nude spreads and masturbate immediately and for a newbie, she took large enjoyment in teasing and eye-banging the camera. The cameraman suffered for your entertainment enjoyment. Katrin brought along her own toys from home. That's always a positive thing. Katrin likes video games, laser tag, surfing the web, going to dance clubs now and then and watching motor sports. Will Katrin take the great leap and try some boy-girl dirty dancing on-camera We're working on that event to make it a reality. See More of Katrin at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bridgette b - busty blonde make love by towing company Busty Blonde make love By Towing Company Of all the injustices that society commits against hot, busty blondes, few are as heinous as towing their cars out of parking lots while the nubile victims are in a store buying bras and lingerie. Stacked Spanish Doll Bridgette B. discovers that her vehicle has been towed and held for ransom. Pay or go away. Balk and you walk. The shock of this outrage and the subsequent anger it leads to is depicted in this pictorial, ripped from yesterday's headlines.Most girls would take this lying down. Bridgette B. does but in a way that guarantees she gets her wheels back. An incensed Bridgette makes sure that tow company manager, JMac, understands in no uncertain terms that he's going to return her car promptly.In this case, it's by fucked him violent and draining his crankcase. Ya gotta love a firm woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Bridgette stomps into the office and the fireworks begin. JMac must pull out his hose and extinguish her flames of fury in an epic, desk-shaking clash. Ultimately, Bridgette's car is returned and she gets her satisfaction plus a major load of ball fluid.See More of Bridgette B at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly kay - rub her check Rub Her Check You could take Kelly anywhere-like home to meet mom, for example-in her checkered shirt, red skirt ensemble. But why not just take her to bed, especially when she strips off that virginal white over-the-shoulder boulder-holder, licks her own nipples, shows off her landing strip, then spreads her legs wide and goes, Ahhhhhhh!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Venera - venera's bikini blitz Venera's Bikini Blitz I am an exhibitionist, December '11 SCORE covergirl Venera admits. Definitely. I like it when men look at me, which is something I didn't always like. I was always covering myself up when I was younger. It was cruel getting so much attention. But I got used to it when I started modeling. Because of modeling and the webcam, I learned not to be shy about how I look. I learned to be proud of my body. I started to show myself off. When Venera enters the picture wearing a teeny bikini and heels, it's okay to fall out of your chair. Just the sight of her 32H breasts barely supported by her bikini top is enough to make your brain lock-up, if not crash. If you do, just re-boot your head and keep watching. Venera is anxious to get her suit off so she can oil up her mindblowing, incredibly slim body and pleasurize her nipples and pussy. I love it when I go on-camera. I love to be watched. I love to pose. Venera really is a living Venus. See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Candy manson - posing for a hosing Posing For A Hosing The idea here is that you're a painter and Candy is your model. Your art, of course, is your obsession. You devote every waking minute to thinking about it, talking about it and doing it. Nothing can distract you. Or so you thought. The agency sent over a new figure model. She has great boobs and sucking lips. Her name is Candy. Candy Manson. And, yes, although your art is your life, when she gets on all fours and wiggles her naked booty in the air, you could swear that she's offering it to you. So, you face the facts: art or have intercourseing. Chicks to draw They're a dime a dozen. Babes like Candy to have intercourse They don't come around too often. So you drop your paintbrush and get busy with the real work of the afternoon: Groping the model's boobs and spreading her booty. have sex her tight cunt in a variety of positions, some of them even artistic. But then comes the real artistic question: Should you use your cumshot to paint her face or her boobs. Hey, you're a boob man. Easy question. See More of Candy Manson at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Ines cudna - a leopard stretching out her vagina A Leopard Stretching Out Her cunt Check out Ines in her leopard bra. Doesn't she look hot Ines has a minimum of twenty-five bras at any one time because her tits are always wearing out her bras. She is what you might call a bra-stretcher. The sheer girth and mass of those knockers really take a toll on the elasticity of her underthings. That's why Ines prefers to take her bra off and stretch out her meaty pussy lips instead. And hey, we don't mind that at all.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Jessie simmons - girl in the city Girl In The City pleasant and lascivious Jessie Simmons takes us on a walking tour of the considerable city of Prague. There are many incredible sights and sounds there but none as considerable as the sight of Jessie in a tank top and short skirt walking around as well as flashing her nice stuff. Jessie says she's too shy to have sex in public. We're not so sure about that but we'll take her word for it. Jessie is the take-away from these pictures. We can't remember the buildings and other sights she showed us. We just remember Jessie. And that's fine with us.See More of Jessie Simmons at SCORELAND.COM!. Tit-fucked! Tit-Fucked! What would you like to do to Merilyn if you could be alone and intimate with her On the to-do list would be getting stroked by her dainty hands, getting your dick licked by her pink, flickering tongue and, of course, sliding your throbber between her succulent cleavage. Hand, mouth and titty satisfaction are among the breast-man and the Merilyn worshipper's big desires and fantasies. Merilyn prefers to model alone, as she has since the beginning, but she was agreeable to giving us all a fantasy simulation. A What if... show. And since many of her regular fans simply do not want to see some dirty dude and his dick messing with Merilyn for real, a virtual knob-job harm, no foul. (One of the reasons why Dream SCORE by Otis Sweat, realistic illustrations of girls who don't do hardcore doing imaginary XXX scenes, was so popular.) Photographing Merilyn from the first-person point-of-view is the best way to supply the fantasy fuel as she stares into your eyes while she yanks on your pole and lies on her back to please your staff with her world-famous mammaries. And Merilyn is every bit as excited and as lascivious as we thought she would be with an imaginary dick in her hand. Judging from these pictures, Merilyn is clearly an awesome dick worshipper.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Marie lambo - a hot czech A Hot Czech Marie Lambo is...hold the phone...a model from the Czech Republic. This small, beer-loving nation is the world's capital of big-busted models, putting the rest of the world to shame, an embarrassment that can never be erased.Gorgeous Marie comes our way from one of our globe-trotting photographers who met her in Prague. She's a tall girl who likes sports, dancing and living the fitness lifestyle. We only have one body so I make sure I treat it well, Marie says. sweet philosophy. Marie caught on quickly and she knows how to spread her pussy wide open and get into those hot fuck-me poses that inspire male bulges. We were impressed by how nubile and limber she is. We've seen Marie's photos before but she was never spread-eagle in them. The shots from 31 to 55 are winners.See More of Marie Lambo at SCORELAND.COM!. Candace von - street whore fucks Street whore Fucks Please take notes during the screening of this video. There will be a quiz later. Observe how some street whores behave in their natural habitat. They are as comfortable in a garbage-strewn back alley as they are in the swankiest of penthouses. Yet these are not common street whores. Candace Von, Veronica Rayne and Whitney Stevens are beautiful, busty and young yet they are drawn to gulp and have intercourse the erect cocks of ho-seeking strangers for money. What compels them to blowjob and make love bums, office managers, lawyers, bankers and politicians, accept their cash and never see them again We shall attempt to study why in the next 27 minutes in the film Street whore Fucks. In the opener, Eric exhorts his friend Colton to grab all the gusto he can. To this end, they drive to the nearest hustler alley where they encounter the finest-looking ladies of the evening (in this case, the afternoon). They retire to Eric's ritzy crib where we are privy to the all-important hustler negotiation process before the girls attach their sweet lips to their client's meat-axes. Cash is king in their world so save your praises and syrupy poems for the girl next door.Some prostitutes hold business and marketing degrees that they put to work in the field during the course of their labors. It's obvious we are observing expert cocksuckers at work. Veronica, the nastiest of the streetwalkers, even permits deliveries in the rear. Take notes as Candace, Veronica and Whitney spread their pussy lips and bounce on the gents' cocks in a variety of prostitutional positions.  See More of Candace Von at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Mischel lee - miss lee's bush garden Miss Lee's Bush Garden When Mischel Lee debuted at SCORELAND two years ago, she got an above-average number of comments from members. The majority of these comments were about Mischel's thick va-jay-jay toupee, a dark patch of dense bush. In the land of the baldies, Mischel stood out for letting her hair down.More SCORELAND models should keep their cunts hairy. Mischel's looks absolutely succulent.-(Jyakenpyon)Beautiful! The bush just makes her more beautiful.-(JDWCobra)Two years later, Mischel is back with a few revisions. The triangle of vagina hair is the same. She's added two thick rings to her labia, one on each side. This photo set has a bunch of photos of Mischel pulling her thick lips apart by the rings to show her pink. Mischel's boobs are also voluminousger than when she first started modeling. She's very slim so her voluminousger voluminous 'uns look even voluminousger. She's also added a tattoo on her right inner forearm (she has a tat on each upper arm).As follicle fans would expect, there's more hair-raising vagina play than breast play in her return video and photo set. Bush supporters can also look forward to more Mischel in XXX scenes.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Wiggling wahine Wiggling Wahine I've always wanted to visit Hawaii. Seeing the Islands on TV makes me want to go there even more. It's so beautiful there. All I need is two weeks to travel to Maui, Oahu, Kuai and maybe the voluminous Island! Just two weeks! One of these days, I'm going to go because I made myself a promise. I wouldn't want to live there because I hear it's very expensive. People have to work two jobs just to make ends meet! You can't enjoy life like that.  I honestly think my boobs are growing and getting bigger. They feel bigger and heavier than when I came back to SCORE Magazine in September. So that's almost nine months. Wow, time flies, don't it Do they look bigger in these pictures and last week's swimming pool picturesSee More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Bubbles & breasts Bubbles & boobs I buy different types of bras for different reasons, says our longtime British bathing bra-buster Samantha Sanders. Some that fit me and some that make my cleavage look bigger. I usually buy bras online. When I go out I show off my boobs. If you've got it, flaunt it! I get loads of attention and I love it.  The only time I don't wear a bra is in bed. My partners like to see my boobs bounce when they shag me and how could they cock sucking on my nipples if I have my bra on  My tit wanks are very cute, adds Sam, who's not boasting. You've seen the proof. She can engulf her bed-mates' chubbies with her 34JJ pillows and likes to see them covered in spunk after they give her a proper violent have sex and a cute tongue lashing.  See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. Marina johnson - the deacon's ex-wife goes black! The deacon's ex-wife goes black! Once upon a time, Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife who was born in South Carolina and lives in Florida, was a Sunday school teacher. She sang in the church choir. Her husband (ex-husband now) was a deacon. For Marina, doing what you're about to see her do was the furthest thing from her mind.No way, she said. I didn't even have an opinion about girls who did porn because I never thought about it.One divorce, one happy marriage and 19 years later, Marina has done a complete 180. Those D-cup tits Yeah, they're fake, they're very nice, they have pointy nipples and Marina never would've gotten them if she were still married to her ex. As for gulp and have intercourse a total stranger on-camera No way.I recently had sex at a swingers club, she said. I gave my man a BJ and then climbed on for a ride while the whole room of people watched. What a rush!If you met Marina Johnson, you'd think she was a classy Southern belle with a subtle sexuality. Well, there's absolutely nothing subtle about Marina in this scene. A guy has shown up to do some housework, and Marina's husband isn't home. She's dressed to fucked in a short, red dress, and when she answers the door, she says, I'd be happy to take care of you.She takes care of his big, black cock. The deacon'll have a heart assault if he sees this.See More of Marina Johnson at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. The nasty squirting cock-toy Hooo-eeee!! Lookin' at Autumn-Jade wrapped in sheer black is enough to send our splooge into the stratosphere. Once again Autumn demonstrates why she's one of the leading ladies of the Boob Brotherhood. One: a warm, friendly smile -- she really is happy to see you. Two: the finest fleshpuppies ever to adorn a female body. Three: a winning attitude -- A-J knocks your rocks right out of your jock sock with pose after provocative pose that'll have you hammering your have sexual intercoursehose. Thank the geeks who invented the Internet, and the geeks who work at SCORE's Web team for putting Autumn's boobastic balloons in your face. She gives 'em a major mashing just for you. When you lick your computer screen, just be watchin' that there static electricity,  she cautions. That's our Autumn: Always thinking of her guys. And she even brought along her squirting have sexual intercourse toy. She has a considerable jack. You have one too.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Angel deluca - the office, xl girls style The Office, XL Girls Style You're hired. That's what your XL Girls camera crew and editors would say to Angel DeLuca immediately if she ever wanted a job at the TSG offices. Now this human resources director has to ask Angel all these questions about qualifications. Qualifications Is he fuck farsighted Angel has tons of qualifications. Face, hair, tits, ass, legs, feet. Her assets are ample and staring right at him. Eventually he falls for Angel's chesty charms and they do the nasty right there on his hiring couch in his office, going over such office procedures as tit-banging, fuck, deep-throating, face-jizzing and more. Now we ask you. If you were hiring and Angel came in for an interview, what would you do XLGirls: Angel, what is the most unusual sex position you've ever triedAngel: Trying to have sex on a super skinny couch while spooning, the constant feeling of thinking I'm going to fall off the couch and make a fool of myself and then laugh it off. Of course, I would immediately get back up and start fuck again like nothing happened!XLGirls: Let us ask you, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex or wank Angel: Not too long. I usually become bitchy if I haven't had it for more than a week.XLGirls: We don't want that happening, Angel. Keep getting your sex on.See More of Angel DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn-jade - hot toy play Hot Toy Play For the first time on the site, never-before-seen Autumn-Jade video with lots of hot posing and hot toy play. And it's a long one also. (We mean the video.) Autumn is extra-horny as she bounces around the bed! Shot in point-of-view style! Running time: 26 minutes See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sarenna's black dress SaRenna's Black Dress A different look for SaRenna with slicked-back short hair, in a style you saw on many female late-80s rock stars. The body is as gorgeous as ever. Her very unusual net stockings outfit worn over her black cocktail dress was picked up at a London adult boutique, and modified by wardrobe. The studio set may seem like the famous Linsey Dawn McKenzie diner set and the Chloe Vevrier kitchen set to those with eagle eyes and sharp memories, but it is not.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - breast rubs Breast Rubs Editor: Well, how do you use a dildo Don't you just take it and push it in Is there some secret we don't knowKerry: Cassandra showed me special little ways so the guy can see what you've got there. She showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right poses.Editor: Well, Kerry, you're going to slap my face for this question, because I know you're a nice girl, but how about in real life Do you use dildosKerry: I'm not answering that question. Move on! You know me, I'm a prude English girl. I'm saving myself for marriage! See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Ebony legs that go for miles Ebony Legs That Go For Miles I wish your hands were on my legs, says ebony goddess, Roxy. And I wish you could watch me gulp on this stiletto and my toes like a cock! I know you like to see how I gulp my toes and jack my fingers in the spaces in between. It makes me lascivious, too. I like to get pleasant and lascivious and then rub my cunt with my shoes and slap my clit with my soles until I cumshot for you. And don't think that I would ever deny you orgasm all over the soles of my feet. I will spit all over my feet to get them pleasant and wet and then crinkle them up and get them ready to take your hot load. It feels so inviting that my cunt drips thinking about it.See More of Roxy Reynolds at LEGSEX.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's kitchen of enjoyment Arianna's Kitchen of delight This is my kitchen, Arianna says. I know you expect to see plates and glasses and pots. But here is a special place. I have glasses in my cabinet, but I have dildo glasses. This is my special kitchen. My kitchen of pleasure. I have many, many dildos everywhere. I have a dildo for every occasion.Indeed she does! Arianna's kitchen has dildos all over it. She pulls out a big flesh-colored have sex toy.It's one of my favorite dildos because it looks so real, she says. I use it a lot. I like it so much because it's soft and looks real. I love the size. My cunt looks charming with it inside. And I can turn it on and make it vibrate.Then she pulls out a pink dildo.This is the dildo I use when I feel nasty, she says. It is huge. Only a huge dildo can have sex my boobs.There's also a clear dildo on a suction cup that Arianna uses to practice her cock-sucking and ball-licking skills. It's a special dildo because I can feel your balls, she says before going down for a deep suck. And then...well, if you saw the photos, you know what comes next. And if you haven't seen the photos, we're not going to spoil the surprise. Watch the video. Enjoy. Enjoy Arianna's Kitchen of Cum. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Jolie rain - t i t department T.I.T. Department If you think all I.T. managers are plain, techy nerds, you're wrong.Just take a look at computer repairwoman Jolie Rain. Those titties sure don't look nerdy to us. And from what she's told us, they don't look too nerdy to her clients either. Her phone is ringing off the hook with guys needing computer help. But really, they just want to ogle her anatomy and daydream about have sex her. They even stoop as low as to unplug their computer and pretend as if it's broken. Can you blame them Even with her glasses and PC know-how Jolie is one hell of a sexpot.Sometimes I get turned on knowing that a client is checking me out. So I'll unbutton my shirt a little to make him squirm a little more. And sometimes, if I'm feeling hot enough, I'll bend over, pull down my pants and underwear, and tell him to give it to me from behind. No wonder Jolie has such a high customer retention rate! See More of Jolie Rain at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Sha rizel - bound for glory Bound For Glory This is an unusual photo set for Sha Rizel. She's bound and gagged and left helpless on a bed to wait until she's freed. Once she's untied, Sha shows off her beautiful, slim-and-stacked body.Sha doesn't have any fetishes like this one. She's more of an outdoors kind of girl.I like to go on long walks, Sha says. I like yoga. I like to relax. I am always busy, so I don't have a lot of chances to relax and go to the spa. I like to cook.Here, she's really cookin'!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Wet angel The water in Charlotte Angel's bath was turning into steam as our photographer snapped away. The always-smiling and strapping brunette is a curvy and bold babe with a excited personality. She was more than eager to do her first hard-pounding scene with porn stud JMac (Hot Angel) and that's led to Charlotte diving even deeper into the porn scene.   XLGirls: So, Charlotte, what reaction do your tits get from women Are they lovely or rude   Charlotte: Most of the time women are pleasant lovely. Sometimes you hear a comment here or there but most of time they say they would love to have large tits like these.  XLGirls: What do you wear to own the room  Charlotte: I'll usually wear a little dress. Something just tight enough so it shows all of my excited curves but not too tight. Wearing certain fabrics or certain clothing that fits just right. There's just something about a dress that hugs me in the right way everywhere. I'm not shy at all so if I notice that a guy is staring a lot at me during a party and I find him attractive too, I'll most likely go talk to him.  XLGirls: What do like best about yourself  Charlotte: I'd have to say it's my open-mindedness. It takes a lot to offend me or anything like that. Physically, my large tits and my smile are my favorites!  XLGirls: How do you feel about sex on a first date  Charlotte: This is such a large thing to people. Personally I think it has to do with the connection. I'm not saying go out and screw every dude on the first date but if there is a connection and a couple hits it off, why notSee More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. For starters, alexis fucks and eats ejaculate For starters, Alexis make loves and eats cumshot Alexis Starr, a 46-year-old divorcee, mom and grandmother from England, makes her XXX video debut by sucks and make love a considerable dick and swallowing cumshot. Very impressive. Alexis is a skinny blonde and a real make love toy, as you'll see in this scene.  The men I love have two eyes, a heartbeat and a stiff dick, said Alexis, who describes her perfect day as walking for hours in the countryside with my dogs during the day followed by hours of hot, steamy sex.  We're assuming she means sex with a man who has two eyes, a heartbeat and a stiff dick. And if he's a dirty dog, like Max is here, so much the better.  Alexis likes going on blind dates. She's been a stripper and an escort. She's not a swinger, but she says, I would love to experience this. We're sure it can be arranged. And when we asked her if she's a nudist, she laughed and said, I live in England. Are you crazy Too cold!  Alexis is a very excited MILF. She jerk-offs twice a day, once when she wakes up and a second time before she goes to sleep.  I will jerk-off with my fingers and toys as it sets me up for the day and relaxes me for bedtime.  She likes when a man cumshots in her mouth. Max cumshots in her mouth.  Mmmmm! See More of Alexis Starr at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Sarenna lee - the seven year itch The Seven Year Itch The city: London.The place: The John Graham Studio, where many famous SCORE models made their impact upon a world starving for huge-boobed beauties. SaRenna's all-white ensemble is pure men's-mag fantasy material: the traditional lacey bra, the corset, stockings, suspenders (garters) and the fuck-me shoes. Speaking of one of our favorite subjects, we spoke to SaRenna about that object we hold dear: bras. SCORE: Do you have to wear an underwire SaRenna: I have one bra without underwire, which is really comfortable, but I prefer underwire because it gives me a little more support.SCORE: Do they always clip in the back or have you found bras that clip in the frontSaRenna: Mine always clip in the back because I need so many clips for support. The more clips, the more support you have, and I just think a lot of clips wouldn't be attractive in the front. If I was a one-clipper, yeah. One-clippers are good in the front, but I'm not one.SCORE: How many clips for youSaRenna: Four or five. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Natural blonde Lexy is a normal teen girl who just happens to want to show her anatomy off in a mag.  Lexy was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Florida. She likes to read and run, and when it comes to sports she roots for the Red Sox and Patriots. She was a good student and says her most-fun job was being a nanny . She's a girl-next-door, except when it comes to her sexuality she's anything but wholesome! I like BDSM and domination.  She has a bush! It makes sense that Lexy would be sporting pubes. She's a low maintenance, down-to-earth girl who finds her bush exciting . We find her bush exciting, too. Especially since it's how we can tell she's a natural blonde. Her pubes are just as golden as her locks.  What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done, Lexy I sort of had a three-way with my friend and her friend with benefits. I started off having sex with her while he watched. Then he jumped in and took turns on us. I know it's not that kinky but I still have a lot to experience. I'd love it if someone tied me up and did dirty things to me' cause that's what I always fantasize about.    See More of Lexy at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Katie thornton - melons in the sun Melons In The Sun Scorecard has been as brimming with letters about Katie Thornton as much as Katie's overloaded brassiere brims with boobage. The average girl standing next to Katie must feel diminutive when she eyes those bountiful bon-bons.Writes Keith, Katie Thornton is a very welcome addition to the SCORE family. This girl is the total package. Her face is cute with flowing blonde hair, smoky eyes and a seductive smile. Then there's her amazing anatomy with perfect, full, round GG-cup boobs plus long, lascivious legs and a large ass. As a bonus, she's completely shaved and gives us a large view! I hope to see lots more Katie Thornton in the near future. She has got to be a strong contender for 2015 Newcomer of the Year.Katie heads outdoors for a snack, bringing along her picnic basket of watermelons. On her blanket, Katie quickly sheds her clothes except for her go-go boots. Lunch is always better when girls as stacked and as good as Katie do that. In our opinion. It's pretty to get Katie outdoors and under the sun, naked as nature intended.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - hottie Hottie Hi Linsey, Your new photoset Barn Buster is great! I especially liked Photo #30. Linsey, you are the best! Bill.Dear Linsey, First thing I would like to say is that I love your website. I love the photos that are on your website and the videos. I bought your new video called Maximum Insertion. I think it's one of your hottest videos. Some of your pictures say that you have a problem finding a bra that fits you. I see that you wear a size 36HH. What size is your rib cage 28 inches I would love to help you find the right bra to fit you. Sincerely yours, Kurt.Dear Linsey, As a longtime member, I must confess to my Linsey addiction. My Thursday evenings are usually devoted to devouring your new offerings and I find myself wrecked for the women I know in real life because your raw sensuality and provocative nature captures my attention. And while I love your site and have bought your DVDs, I have a suggestion or two that will make your site even better. In brief I miss my old friends. I speak of the old photo shoots that have come and gone. And not just those that are only meant to be posted for a month. There are some wonderful older shoots that disappear forever. If it's a matter of only having so much storage space on your site, why not stimulate the members' sense of curiosity by shuffling various removed shoots back into the archives on occasion. I know I would look forward to what would be reappearing each week. And you wouldn't even have to re-announce it on the home page. Let us figure it out for ourselves by looking through your archives. Do two or three or four shoots at a time. Keep them rotating and keep us orgasm back more than ever. It's just a thought. As a longtime member and admirer, I figured it wouldn't hurt to send you my ideas. Be well, Tom.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Karina hart - cum in from the rain Cumshot in from the rain Poor Karina. She got caught in a sudden mid-afternoon rainstorm, and she wasn't wearing a bra. So there she was, walking home from the bus stop, and all the guys were staring at her because her nipples were poking right through the thinny-thin-thin fabric, as if it didn't even exist. But wait a second! Karina had an umbrella! How'd she get so wet Um, I couldn't get it open fast enough Bad answer. We're not believing it. Um, I thought it would be fun to get my top wet so that everyone could see my breasts Bingo! A girl like Karina takes advantage of opportunities to show off what she's got, and a sudden rainstorm when she's wearing a sheer, white top is the perfect opportunity. And what does Karina do when she gets home Why, she gets naked, that's what she does! You wouldn't want me to walk around all day in wet clothes, would you Karina pouted. Actually, yes, we would. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Sarenna wet on the couch There are a few things that are more lustful than SaRenna Lee gettin' totally nude on a wet look naughahyde couch. Frankly, we can't think of what they are, 'cause our boners are smacking against our foreheads after looking at this set. SaRenna's facial expression suggests she wants us to flood her spectacular stack with fresh splooge.We'd happily oblige. As usual, her creamy skin and perfectly trimmed quim boil our ball juice instantly. Nuthin' fancy here, dudes. Just SaRenna doin' what she does best -- make you spray hunks of spunk. Yabbadabbadoo!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Cumshot cutie Ejaculate Cutie I'll do it lovely much anywhere if I'm real horny, said Alyssa, an 18-year-old theme-park worker from the theme park capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. Like, in a minivan. I didn't worry that we might be seen; that's more lusty and it makes me cumshotshotshot violenter. Sex is supposed to be thrilling. It couldn't be anything else with Alyssa, who's only 4'11, 107 pounds and is absolutely the cutest babe you've ever seen. Even when she has a penish in her hand, just inches from her mouth...even when she's bending over and exposing her cunt and bum as she jacks a violent dick...even when she has a sticky load of cumshotshotshot dripping down her cheek...she's absolutely adorable. But, then again, we think all girls look excited with cumshotshotshot dripping down their cheeks. But especially Alyssa.See More of Alyssa Jersey at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Leanne crow - a british bird under the mexican sun A British Bird Under The Mexican Sun Puerto Vallarta Vacation is Leanne Crow's second photo holiday with SCORE. Her first was a trip to St. Maarten. In the Caribbean, Leanne met Angela White, Michelle Bond, Charley Green and Maggie Green for Leanne's Stacked Summer. Here in Mexico, Leanne meets America's Jenna Valentine and they hit it off famously, becoming fast friends. She shares sun, fun and Mexican food with Hitomi, Natalie and Micky--an international smorgasbord of major melons. I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight, Leanne revealed. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat-chested and they all had natural tits. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had natural tits and then in a swimsuit, I didn't. Well, Leanne has no problems now filling out her bikini tops, as this pictorial and video amply prove!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna sinn lays down the law and gets laid Arianna Sinn lays down the law and gets laid Arianna Sinn is supposed to be a bad-ass in this violentcore scene, a kitten with a whip or, to be exact, a riding-crop. The thing is, she can't mask her natural sweetness no matter what fetish clothing or weaponry she wields.I want a man who can take change, Arianna said. I do not want him to be soft with me. I want him to take me violent and handle my natural tits and show me what he wants.So much for female domination. In her horny Romanian-accented English, Arianna chides her date for being late, but ultimately he shows her that dick is king. The natural order of the universe is preserved.This scene was shot in the Caribbean during a trip to also film Chica, Kristina Milan, Vanessa Del and one of the voluminousgest naturals of them all Miosotis.Arianna is hot and juicy as always and her tits are really voluminous here, having grown since her first shoots in her native country. She really has a talent for anything she does: solos, boy-girls and girl-girls. She knows what to do, from tit-fucking to ball-licking and motorboating. No one has to tell her. We produced some real go-to DVDs with her, including an all-girl show considerable Boob Finishing School.Arianna explained how to bake her cookie to perfection. I think the fastest way for me to have an orgasm is for a man to take me doggie and rub me at the same time. One hand on my boob and one hand on my pussy. That makes me explode. See More of Arianna Sinn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Holly wood - the hot hooters of a excited haircutter The Hot Hooters Of A lusty Haircutter Everyone of us who have come face-to-boobs with a busty hairstylist has fantasized about getting it on with her. Tony goes to Holly Wood for a cut and sucks and gets much more than the sucks. Holly chatted with SCORELAND after this hair-raising hump. One of her sexiest features is her voice as this scene proves again.SCORELAND: What is your favorite position for tit-have sexing  Holly: I love when a guy is laying on his back and I'm on all fours rubbing my breasts all over his dick and balls! Gives me the control of speed and motion. For a man to finish, I want to be on my back and actually watch as he cums between my breasts because there is nothing hotter than the moment he finishes. SCORELAND: Do you watch porn What kind Do you have any favorite male or female porn stars Holly: I'm such a perv. The bigger the dick the more turned on I am in porn! I actually have a list of my favorite performers! It would take me all night to run through it!SCORELAND: Do you like to wear role playing costumes in the bedroomHolly: I'm actually a terrible actress so I never really got into role playing! SCORELAND: Is doggie-style how most guys want to have sex you, because of your buns Holly: Absolutely! Plus they know it gets me hot and big and they can't ever say no! See More of Holly Wood at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Vanessa y - vanessa's a brickhouse Vanessa's a brickhouse Add Vanessa to the list of voluminous Polish SCORE and busty models such as Bea Flora, Ines Cudna and Anna Yota. Why there are not more busty models from Poland is a question we can't answer. The Czech Republic is overflowing with busty girls, and Poland is right next to it and five times as big.Vanessa Y. wears H-cup bras. She has major problems in Poland buying bras that fit her boobs, so she buys them on the Web. Vanessa has had several growth spurts over the past few years that SCORE's been filming her and that, plus her tendency to grow out her pubic hair, has made her a huge favorite. Some guys want to see her do hardcore with men, but she's said several times that it's not going to happen. Personally, I'm happy with her breasts and her butthole and how she gets her busty anatomy into all of those pretzel poses.For hobbies, Vanessa likes to ride horses and watch Formula One racing. She loves beer and claims that drinking beer made her breasts bigger. There is some science to this since beer is made from hops that contain natural chemicals called phytoestrogens that act like hormones. Beer makers might want to look into this as a marketing point for female customers.See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND2.COM!. Lucy lenore - filling the cups of her 36j bra Filling The Cups Of Her 36J Bra  We sell SCORE magazines at my shop, said Lucy Lenore. The 36J-cup pleasure works in an adult emporium. That always interests the folks at XL Girls. One of my regulars mentioned modeling to me and thought I would do well. I saw the Models Wanted ad on the back of one of the magazines and was inspired to try it myself.Lucy's breasts began to grow when she was young and she had a big head-start on her classmates. I was a D-cup in 8th grade and when I finished high school, I was already bigger than a DDD. I was definitely the bustiest girl and the first busty girl in school. When the other girls started to catch-up, my breasts just kept getting bigger.Lucy has an unusual interest that's turning into a vocation. I am obsessed with bats! I have been slowly working on getting my wildlife licensing to work with them. I love them. I think they get a bad rap but to me they're little puppies with wings. Get the Batman. We have a girlfriend for him.See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bhottie holly/b Hottie Holly Holly Brooks is a bad girl and proud of it. There are girls who get off on being have sex toys, and Holly is one of them. That's why a percentage of them get into nude modeling and porn. They need to channel their high-energy libidos. Dave has pointed this out many times also.  When Holly first began modeling, she was glamour-only. She did stuff like ring girl promotions. Then Holly did a complete 180 degree spin-out. She found what really gets her vagina soaking, and that's dick in her mouth, vagina and assed and between her tits, the rougher the better.   Holly loves dancing, stripping and lap-grinding. She knows acupressure, Swedish and deep tissue massages, plus ball-sucking, salad tossing and deep throat. Holly has one of the dirtiest mouths you will hear.   Holly was a working girl at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada. I don't know if she's still have sexing there. She would have been a appealing girl to model in a have sex-me pose for a Splat Mat, a novelty product we used to produce and sell. See More of Holly Brooks at SCORELAND2.COM!. Merilyn cums clean Merilyn Cums Clean The votes are orgasm in hot and considerable for Merilyn in the SCORE magazine Newcomer of the Year contest. She seems unbeatable in this category. As one voter included in his comments on the ballot, For Newcomer, it wasn't really even a contest. Merilyn is by far the best candidate. Don't get me wrong. Anna Jota and Bea Flora are also great, but, man, Merilyn is just ... wow. In the curvy magazine Newcomer contest, Merilyn is actually trailing behind Bea Flora of Poland, Romina Lopez of Paraguay and Samantha Kay of the States. She may be too slim and stacked for V-Men's tastes. This early poll breakdown could change on any day, of course.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Christy marks - magazine subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions Christy is always excited when her pictures run in SCORE magazine, so she decided to try and sell some mags, door-to-door, to raise money for her college fund. (Yes, Christy is currently enrolled in college and studying forensic psychology. Yup, brains AND tits. It doesn't get any better than Ms. Marks.) She trespasses, er, finds her way into this guy's backyard where she gives him a sample of what he can see in her magazine by throwing her tits in his face. What guy wouldn't get down to the business of have intercourse Christy with her cannons in his face, eh You better believe that he have sexual intercourses her, right then and there. And Christy is always down to have sexual intercourse and she gives him everything she's got, from a sloppy BJ to letting him cream her tits. And just between us...doesn't Christy look have intercourse hot when she is mounted and speared on a dick Yeah, we thought so, too. Christy is the hottest magazine subscription seller we've ever seen, we'll tell you that much.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Sha's oiled tits show Sha's Oiled tits Show Sha likes to dress to show off her ultra-rare, amazing figure. Only a few girls are as super-slim and naturally great-busted as Sha. Valory Irene, Venera and Merilyn Sakova are in this league.  In this pictorial and matching video, Sha couldn't have picked a tighter tank top and Daisy Dukes.  Men love my great tits, and I like how my tits look in pretty clothing, she says. I like that I have great tits and a thin waist. It is a lot of fun and it looks nice.  Maybe one day, Sha can get over to the States, but until then, we'll head over the Atlantic to photograph her every chance we get. Besides her incredible bod, Sha is one of the most-beautiful girls in any category of modeling.  Sha was the covergirl of the August and November '13 issues of SCORE.  It was very exciting, Sha said. I loved being on the cover. It was very flattering to be on the cover and to read the nice things people said about me.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Serious boobage Serious Boobage Amaya May tells SCORELAND that she jerk-offs every day. She's a cam cummer as giggles_4U. She does more than giggle for tit-men. I jerk-off every day on-cam or on-Skype, said Amaya. She also does more than slap it. The brunette 38G-cupper also suckings penish and takes the load on her giant natural breasts. We've seen Amaya make love and sucking at SCORELAND and she really knows how to treat a guy.  Amaya likes men who pay attention to what she likes to do in bed. Her favorite position is doggie and she says that foreplay depends on her sex partner. I like a guy to do whatever he can to get me going. I'll let him know what turns me on and gets me wet, tongue, fingers, toys. I can get assertive about what I want done to me.  I've had sex at the beach in the water. I did a threesome and did some very mild fooling around with the other girl. I'm so-so for ass licking. Fingering my ass I'm cool with. I always swallow cum. Bambino came on my breasts in our SCORELAND scene and I rubbed it in, tasting my finger.   Amaya has a body built for breast action and sex and she puts it out there. See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. Bush baby Bush Baby How is sex on-camera different for Mischel Lee than sex in private  In private, it's private and more leisurely and is not a performance, Mischel replied in Czech, translated by the photographer's assistant. On-camera, it is a special performance and must be perfect, I feel. But, of course, I am enjoying both ways as much as I want.  Mischel reads in bed, waiting for Max. He joins her and is awed by her large tits, lusty face and smoldering sex appeal. He plays with her tits and licks her nipples. When Mischel shows him her hairy, pierced vagina, he's even more awestruck and can't wait to bury his tongue in her slit and lick her clit.   Michel worships his cock, both hands-on and hands-free. She gets on her back and he hovers over her face to get some more lip service before they fuck their brains out. They sixty-nine and when they're done, Max teabags Mischel (otherwise known as dipping your balls into a girl's mouth).  Mischel's bushy box and large breasts are too enticing not to return to. Mischel kneels and positions her vagina over his face. He eats her out again while he fondles her tits. From that position, Mischel moves back a bit and lowers her vagina onto his pole and rides rough like a cowgirl, giving him a hot shag he'll remember for a long time. See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Lana ivans - a curvy fantasy A curvy Fantasy Lana Ivans is the perfect little curvy package. I never thought she got enough appreciation from readers. Fresh and perky, she's pure girlfriend material. She was 20 years old when she debuted for SCORE in autumn of 2010. It's rare but I was actually jealous of the dudes who got to bone her. She is so lovely and adorable and her anatomy is phenomenal. If she has a boyfriend now, he'd better not be the jealous type with a short fuse because everyone stares at her boobs as she walks towards them and everyone stares at her anally as she walks away from them.Lana Ivans claims that eating corn stimulates breast growth. She's backed up in this claim by her Romanian homey Arianna Sinn. It seems that this corn claim is a Romanian thing. Sophia Mae, a Czech, says it's beer. I wouldn't have minded seeing them oil wrestle to prove who's right but we're past that at this point. In 2013, she had a growth spurt. Those pictures are at SCORELAND.On a scale of 1 to 10, how does Lana rate herself on suc jobs I don't know. They say I'm 10. I like to wake a man up with a nice suc job. If a guy doesn't have a large head, I can deep throat. In this video, Lana wakes up Kamil who's supposed to be snoozing, so this is one of those scenarios in which the panallyive guy gets jumped on by the sex-craving hottie. He's really laying down on the job although he gets credit for being a nice porn-stud.Lana is still webcamming in Romania but it looks like all girl-alone stuff now. Maybe some lucky dude did bag her.See More of Lana Ivans at SCORELAND2.COM!. Christy marks - bounce and cheer Bounce and cheer Christy Marks began her modeling career with boob and vagina play. When SCORE went to The Bahamas for the DVD voluminous Boob Paradise, Christy did girl-girls with Angela White and Gianna. When Christy got back to America, she began doing boy-girl scenes. She really loved doing everything, from solos to threesomes. Her approach to sex, whether it's porn or everyday sex, is natural, eager and breezy. In this scene, Christy's a cheerleader who gets it on with a jock.I can say that I got into them and got very wet and came a whole bunch of times, Christy said about her boy-girl and girl-girl scenes. I know that I get into it easily because I love sex, but it really depends on the other person I am having sex with. If I am attracted to them, even just a little bit, doesn't matter. What matters is if the guy gets into the scene and doesn't act like it's just work. When the guys get into it, I really do cum. It's just like have intercourse but with a camera in my face. I do the same things I do at home, just more positions. So I really do enjoy it.Christy said she watches porn at home.Sometimes I like pregnant girls. It is on a rare occasion. I mean, I've never played with one or anything, but they are sweet to look at. I'll check out preggo sites sometimes. They have this certain glow about them that is so sweet. I love lesbians. I watch a lot of porn at home, but it's all lesbian porn. It gets me off. Oh, and I like being submissive. So, like, anything where it's not forcing it, but someone else in control.See More of Christy Marks at SCORELAND2.COM!. Carly parker - rack rubdown Rack Rubdown With her pixie haircut and lovely smile, Carly Parker looks like a pleasant girl. She looks like a chesty chick that you would encounter at one of those sports bars that cater to boob hounds. Can you imagine her in a tight top and gorgeous shorts, bringing you a platter of chicken wings and a cold pitcher of beer How about in no top, rubbing her cunt and begging for your cock Yeah, we prefer the second one, too. You see, Carly doesn't want to sling wings and beer for cash. She knows that if she lets you sling your cream on her boobs she can make more bucks, so she tugs and rubs cock, cheerfully and with lots of gusto. We've seen a lot of tug jobs, but Carly is one of the pleasantst, voluminous busted tuggers we've ever seen. She gives you service with a smile, and that's exactly what you want to see when you're coating a chick's rack with your sperm.  See More of Carly Parker at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Sarah sunshine - this is a bust This Is A Bust Sticky & Crotch are two bad-ass undercover cops in the beat-up part of town trying to keep a lid on the mean streets. They do this by spending most of their time banging hookers and hanging out at topless bars. When they come across Sarah Sunshine trying to ply her trade by the tracks, they do their best to straighten this bad girl out with intensive counseling sessions at a local no-tell motel. This is indeed a bust by two cops under the covers. A large bust. Too bad Juggy Bare, Huggy Bear's sister, couldn't make it a threesome.See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. Bride those tits!/b Ride those breasts! Yes, Maserati fucks on-camera. She wouldn't have it any other way. But let's face it: If you were with Maserati, you'd probably get around to make love her pussy, but isn't what you'd really want the chance to have Maserati's H-cup naturals wrapped around your cock  Of course. Because we're boob men here, and Maserati's naturals are some of the best ever--huge, firm and considerable--and looking down and seeing your cock disappear in her cleavage would be one of the greatest moments of your life.  Maserati told us she's attracted to guys who don't pay attention to her right away or even ignore her. That doesn't make any sense to me. I think these guys are trying to put one over on Maserati. There's no way any straight man wouldn't be paying attention to those breasts.  She's truly a wonder. The second time she came to our studio, her breasts had actually gotten bigger. I didn't think it was possible, but they did, and from what I can tell, they're still growing. Meanwhile, they're just as firm and considerable as they used to be. Maserati is a miracle of engineering. I think there's been only one girl ever who's had big, firm, considerable breasts like hers, and that's Linsey Dawn McKenzie.  But LDM have sexual intercourse on-camera only twice. Maserati has have sexual intercourse on-camera many times. Does tit-make love count as make love on-camera It does when the girl has breasts like Maserati's.See More of Maserati at SCORELAND2.COM!. Kiko lee - happy ending hand party Happy Ending Hand Party You found me on, Kiko said. I posted my own ad there just to see what would happen and then I got an email from you. But I'd seen SCORE in adult bookstores because I buy costumes there all the time. I always see the girls with big tits in the magazine and I thought 'How can I get in there' I wanted to be in the magazine but I didn't have a clue how to get in.An exotic penishtail of Asian (Okinawa) and Latin, Kiko has exceptionally considerable areolae, as wide as pancakes. They are close to Cindy Cupps' width. When a guy meets me and spends any time with me, he almost always stares at my chest, says Kiko. The edges of my areolae overflow the tops of my bras. Guys want me to massage their bodies with my tits. Kiko is anxious to get the penish in her palms and start jerking it. Private hand parties are one of her specialties. Kiko has very nice hand job technique, holding the base with one hand while she strokes with the other hand. Kiko applies finger massaging pressure to his nuts, squeezing them so the cumshot will blast out. You came all over those titties, says Kiko. Titties're all milky. Like seeing these titties all milky she asks as she rubs the sperm on her tits. She holds them up to show that they are dripping with cumshot. Kiko Lee knows she's a considerable Happy Ending Girl and proves it.  See More of Kiko Lee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe black gloves Chloe Black Gloves Looking at these pictures, I have to laugh. Not because they are funny, but because they remind me of this man, this wonderful man who I adored. The man I wanted to marry. The man I loved. The man who got away. I was dancing at this club in Berlin and he was the manager. The first moment I saw him, I saw something special in his eyes. I can't say what, but they sparkled, which I still find strange because they were brown. Usually blue or green eyes draw people in, but the moment I looked into his eyes, I was smitten. Of course, he didn't say anything to me. In fact, he didn't show any interest whatsoever. Now, I thought I was good and attractive at the time, and lots of men asked me out, but this man...All he ever said to me was, Hello, nicebye, You're on, and nice show. That was it. During a year, I would do anything to catch his attention, which is why these pictures remind me of him. I started by playing rough to get. Smiling, than looking away. Showing enough interest in him to make him think I wanted him, but not going any further. After a week of this, I realized it wouldn't work. I needed another plan. So, I asked him out to lunch. Nothing sexual, just lunch. He told me he didn't have time. I asked him out again. He said he already had lunch plans. I asked him out again, and again another excuse. good soon, I lost track of how many times I asked him to lunch and how many excuses he gave. By now, I was desperate, so I started to dress lustful, at least I thought I was dressing lustful. I would show as much of my breasts as I could, and he would look at my legs. I would wear lustful stockings, and he would look the other way. I wore a fishnet body stocking one time and he didn't even glance. Needless to say, it was very frustrating. Plus, I was young and a bit immature, so I couldn't accept that he just didn't want me. I didn't understand. But, now I do. Some people are just made for each other and some aren't. And, even if you think you are, both have to believe or else it won't happen. I certainly believed, but he didn't. Now, I often wonder about him. I haven't seen him in years and, no, we never did go to lunch. The sad part was, the only time he did show any interest in me was when he was engaged. I didn't tell you that, did I He got engaged. And, when he did, he started to talk to me. We would have chats -- innocent talks that didn't amount to anything, but meant the world to me. One time, he told me that he saw something and it made him think of me. He was actually thinking of me. I thought there was hope. But, still, we never did anything. The worst part was, after a while, I didn't even think of him sexually. I just wanted to get to know him. I know that sounds strange, because if he offered, I would have gone anywhere and did anything he said. But, really, I didn't think we would go to lunch and have sex. It was enough that we went to lunch and talked. I could ask him all kinds of questions. Like, who invented liquid soap, and why Why is the sky blue when space is black (Actually, I know the answer...refraction of light, correct) I would have liked to have seen if he chewed with his mouth open, or talked with food in his mouth. If he held my chair for me. If he opened the door for me. If he ordered a Coke or a Diet Coke. If he wore cologne or was natural. If his hands were as delicate as they were strong If...he liked me. I still wonder...and I guess I will never know. Sometimes, now, I think I am fortunate. You see, he was my fantasy...and how can a fantasy be real The way I see it, he was perfect just the way he was. He was my dream come true, and he will always be that...up here. In my head. In my mind. In that infinite space where lost love becomes paradise found and is special forever. In the land of dreams, where we are all perfect and every moment is magical. Yes, I am a dreamer. I always have been. And, I am a hopeless romantic. I'm sorry if I have bored all of you this week, ranting and raving about lost love. But, that's how I am. I start thinking about something and I cannot stop. As so many of you have e-mailed me, you have discovered that there is a lot more to me than just pictures. I hope, through these talks, I am sharing some of who I am with you and that way you can better understand me. I also hope I have not scared too many of you off. If I have, I apologize. As I am prone to say, please do not confuse my eccentricity with dysfunction. I think I am as normal as the next person. Actually, I know I am. I know many of you have had experiences like the one I described, because many of you are romantics as well. And now I am going off to sleep, where my love will be there waiting for me, as he is almost every night when I am feeling lonely. We will walk barefoot, hand-in-hand on a secluded beach, then will will lay down in a green, mountain meadow, and we will talk. We will talk about nothing and everything and I will fall more in love with every syllable he speaks. I hope you have good dreams, too. ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Vanessa y - vanessa y , bikini buster Vanessa Y., bikini buster We'd seen naturally stacked Polish beauty Vanessa Y. in a lot of different outfits (out of those outfits, too), but we'd never seen her in a bikini until we flew her to the Dominican Republic for an on-location shoot. The bikinis we brought along for her didn't come close to fitting. She'd gotten bustier.I stopped smoking, I started drinking beer and my boobs got bigger, Vanessa said.I'd heard that before. British natural Alexis Silver also got bustier when she stopped smoking. Yet another reason people, especially busty women, shouldn't smoke. Vanessa was recently named 2015 curvy Model of the Year. No surprise there. She's one of the best naturals I've ever seen. She also has a hairy pussy, which many guys like. But I think what makes Vanessa special is that she knows how to model. She knows how to connect with the camera and, therefore, with the viewer. It's a special gift. Not all girls have it. Vanessa has it to go along with her other special gifts. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND2.COM!. Kianna dior - best of big tit street girl 5 Best of great Tit hustler 5 Mr. Lee Stone doesn't have any interest in marriage, dating or female friendships. Pure sex with dirty girls is his hobby. Girls who shouldn't be doing what they're doing. Cash and carry is the game plan. This way, there is no pretense, no lies or phoniness. Mr. Stone is chauffeur-driven to his business interests in a limo. If Mr. Stone spies a delectable specimen with extra-special sex appeal between the stops on his itinerary, he invites her into his rolling fuck chamber for a quickie. That happens today with Kianna Dior, who is dressed to attract attention from five miles away. Her sleek legs, double-D tits, tight anal and horny Asian face are almost too pleasant to be true. She shoves her large tits into the open window, sticks out her pink tongue and Mr. Stone is hooked on the spot. He's in the driver's seat and has to ride Kianna until Asian pussy fever is out of his system. That may not be possible. Kianna is so hot the back seat gets scorched.See More of Kianna Dior at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - natural nympho Natural nympho Christy is quite the exhibitionist. Being in the large outdoors excites her, too. So, while we were on a shoot by the beach near some woods one day, we spied some college guys BBQ'ing nearby. Or rather, they spied Christy and whistled and waved. Of course, she got that mischievous look on her face and then she whispered, Let's give them a show! She started posing and stripping while we snapped away. You can't imagine how wild these frat boys went. In fact, wild is not even the appropriate word. Their catcalls and hoots could probably be heard for miles. Christy loved every second of it and she continued to get naked, like the kinky, little vixen she is. In fact, there were plenty of times during this shoot where she stopped to give suck them kisses and jiggle her titties in their direction. What can we say We can dress her up, but we cannot control her raw sexuality! Christy is truly a nympho in nature.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. The girl don quixote dreamt about Dulcinea made her debut at XL Girls in late 2014.  I really like being nude actually. I've been to a nude beach before so it's kind of normal for me, Dulcinea said on her first day. I like exhibitionism. So I like being watched. And I really like meeting new people.  Dulcinea dropped out of sight after appearing at XL Girls in solo and hardcore scenes. She recently contacted us and wanted to model again. During the past year, Dulcinea transformed her physique. Now she's a SCORELAND Girl.  SCORELAND: Welcome back. So tell us, how many times a day when you're out and about do guys try to be the Don Quixote to your Dulcinea  Dulcinea: At least once a day, but usually more than that. I love it, though, and I especially love to tease. Like I'll see a guy staring at me, so I'll bend over in front of him or kind of play with my breasts. Sometimes they come up and talk to me and other times they're too bashful. I get hit on way more often now that I'm less chubby.  SCORELAND: What brands of bras do you buy now What size fits best  Dulcinea: I used to have to special-order my bras from Europe but I stopped wearing them altogether about a year ago. I've saved a ton of money, my breasts are actually getting perkier, and I'm lovely sure everyone else loves getting to see my nipples poke through my shirt at the coffee shop. I was fitted recently, though, and I measured as a 34HH. I thought it was crazy that after losing 50 pounds my cup size stayed the same!   SCORELAND: What are your plans for 2017  Dulcinea: I'm starting my own membership website for my amateur content and camming full-time with my partner doing couples shows! I'm also hoping to do a bit more modeling and maintain my new figure. See More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!. Holly halston - bonin' at the bach bash Bonin' at the Bach Bash If you are a dude who has a best buddy, you are responsible for a few things. The first is lying for your buddy whenever he needs you to. If his ball and chain comes snoopin' around, you deny and lie until you die or at least get your friend on the phone to warn him. The second thing you are responsible for is breakin' your friends' balls at every opportunity. This is important as it builds character and is just plain funny. The last thing you are responsible for, and probably the most important thing of all, is getting your buddy some strippers for his bachelor party. And not just any run-of-the-mill-dancing-for-dollars stripper, either. Nope. You are responsible for getting him a hot bitch who is going to drain his nuts of every last drop of his single-man baby batter. A bitch like Holly Halston. This stripper takes it up her bitchty snatch, in the mouth and most-importantly, up her tight ass. So remember, when the time comes to do right by your best bud, give him the gift that keeps on giving. Give him a big-tit hooker.  See More of Holly Halston at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Barbie kelley - a score wilf is hot A SCORE WILF Is Hot The Barbie Kelley story is a story that the staff at SCORE appreciates and enjoys. Barbie is married to a longtime SCORE magazine reader. He has every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous. That's over 20 years of SCORE and over 18 years of V-mag and he saves them. It was because of his encouragement that he and his wife Barbie decided to contact us about Barbie becoming a model. They're a sexually liberated couple.I have always been attracted to the beauty of the female body and The SCORE Group models show the beauty of real women, said Mrs. Kelley. I get a lot of attention because of my chest but I am rather fond of the sensuous smiles and licentious desires my tits elicit. Mrs. Kelley is not only hot and big-boobed, she could be an erotica writer. I like to keep things in the bedroom new and exciting. I love to get dressed up real slutty and role play.  Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie to visit us, and like other visitors to SCORE, they were intrigued by daily activities here. I am a very sexual being and enjoy sex seven to eight times a week, Barbie told the staff. All girls have special talents. It's just a matter of knowing how and when to use them. Outside of the bedroom, I would say that my talents are singing and cooking. I would love to model again for SCORE.  See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND.COM!. Texas teen at the lake I'm dating the most-amazing guy in the world, Kristin, a Houston native, told us. He treats me well, buys me things, takes me out for fancy nights on the town. We even work out together at the same gym. But I'm a student, and I can't afford to buy him anything nice. His birthday is orgasm up, and I decided to splurge and buy him a really nice watch. When I found out that you guys buy photos from college girls like me, I took these off of my boyfriend's computer and sent them in. We took them last summer at the lake.  Most of my friends aren't ready to settle down. They're enjoying the college hookup life. That's not for me. I can't ejaculate unless I know the person I'm sleeping with. I guess that's weird for people my age.See More of Kristin at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.
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