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Chloe vevrier - air brush Air Brush What a fun day I had with this photo shoot! Friends of mine were at the famous Fantasy Fest held each Halloween in Key West and they met two wonderful airbrush artists who had painted them for a great fantasy bash. When I got an opportunity to visit their studios in Pompano Beach, Florida, I just had to have my anatomy worked on. We thought that the cherry theme was appropriate for the Chloesworld diva. I know when I took off my top, the studio went a little quiet. I didn't realize that the artist who started working on me was very familiar with my boobs. He had been a long time subscriber to Score and knew all about my modeling career. He started talking about my layouts in Score that even I couldn't remember. He knew each issue and rattled off his favorite poses. It was very flattering to have such a great fan working on me. As the air brushing progressed, I wanted to make this experience something that he would always remember. I made a special effort in allowing him to examine my breasts from all angles. It is amazing how my own anatomy started to respond. I could feel myself getting moist and hot as I preened and posed for this ardent fan. I felt a little naughty trying to seduce him as he was gamely trying to work. As he started working on my breasts, with each stroke I could feel my nipples harden and respond to his gentle airbrush strokes. At one point as I turned my anatomy, my hand brushed his tented trousers--my gawd--he was huge! By the time he had come to paint a heart on my pubic mound, the room was steaming. The sexual tension was very intense. As he put on the finishing touches, and our photographer was taking his final shots, we both looked longingly at each other as I was whisked away by the website staff to get shots for the website. When I come back to Florida, I have promised myself to get painted again. Next time, I want my artiste to block off the whole afternoon for my painting session. I am already thinking of special places where his proficient airbrush can excite me. I can hardly wait. Well, I want you all to enjoy my first airbrush experience, and now you can understand why I look like I am in ecstasy. Even now, I can feel each stroke and how petite it felt. Be in beauty Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. She knows how she likes it She Knows How She Likes It Since she first posed for John Lee-Graham back in 1990, Tiffany Towers has been a darling of photo editors everywhere. No one could resist this Canadian cutie's horny blonde look, gravity defying melons and tight, girlish waist. But no matter how many pictures of Tiffany you've seen, you've never seen her in action like this! For all of us who have fantasized about what it would be like to actually score with Tiffany, these photos will give us a better idea of how she would relate to a lover. And during an interview, Tiffany told use the conditions that were necessary for her to relate to a cacn 'n' balls. A lovely guy with a lovely dick will do. It's even better if you have big, hanging nuts! (Laughing.) Not big, like an elephant, but I like nuts that hang. I don't like those little, tight nuts! Plus, I like guys who shave. Not bald...trim it, shave it. Anything but real hairy, because I like to lick balls, dick, all around. They should shave the sides if it goes past that line from the stomach line to the leg. They should shave their asshole...shave everything! See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Bex shiner - pink bikini time in miami Pink bikini time in Miami English imports have always given us a bouncing elegant time. Linsey, Kerry Marie, Kelly Kay, Lorna Morgan. Bex Shiner was a late arrival in the British invasion that had seriously decreased in recent years but then reactivated with the emergence of Bex, Lily Madison, Katie Thornton and Danni Levy. We were able to photograph Bex in the USA because, like Katie and Danni, she doesn't go bottomless.Bex was a UK celebrity for being on voluminous Brother in 2008. After the glow of that exposure faded with time, as it does with all reality TV stars, Bex got into topless posing on late-night British adult TV shows that guys at home phone into. There's nothing like this in the States. Bex still does it.Everyone used to say to me, 'You should go on,' because in England, being on voluminous Brother is all about having a voluminous personality. It's all about someone who stands out. So I went to one audition, and the guy said, 'She's too much. If we put her on the TV, she's going to go a bit crazy.' So he wouldn't put me on, but it got to the point where the producers wanted me on so bad, they begged the psychologist to spend a week with me and my mom at our house so my mom could convince him I wasn't crazy.Persistence paid off for Bex.It was just a thing to do because getting on voluminous Brother didn't happen the first year I tried. And you can't go on voluminous Brother until you're 18, and they don't like to put you on until you're 19 or 20. Because it's instant fame. You're in every single newspaper, magazine and TV show. You're everywhere in the UK. Not so much today but back then. They wait until you can deal with it.Eventually, Bex got evicted from the house. It was a elegant thing up until the point where it got to be too much. And then I thought, 'I have to use this to my advantage. People want to see my boobs. Let's do something with them.' So I started using them to my advantage, and I got a new fan base. All those teenage girls went and all the adult guys came. Literally! So now I do chat TV. Guys can call me and talk to me, and we can interact.When she was in Florida, we shot a model recruiting video for with Bex as the hostess in that bikini and in a tank top. Her personality and her voluminous, natural tits made her perfect for this kind of spokesmodel role. See More of Bex Shiner at SCORELAND2.COM!. Hitomi - up against the wall Up Against The Wall This layout was chosen for busty magazine's July '13 issue which celebrated all of the contest winners for 2012. Hitomi was voted busty Model of the Year. After finishing second to Leanne Crow for 2011 Newcomer of the Year, Hitomi received over 30% of the votes for 2012 Model of the Year. For the record, Micky Bells was 1st Runner-up, Renee Ross (a winner of two previous contests) was 2nd Runner-up and Gya Roberts was 3rd Runner-up. The debate continues over what a V-Girl should look like. For SCORE, it's more defined. It's been discussed in V-mag since 1995. For some, the only issue is that the girl be naturally stacked and curvy. For others, the girl must be stacked and plumpish. Even so, the readers and web members voted and their choice was the girl from Japan.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Kerry marie - short shorts Short Shorts Please note the purple toenail polish. Very sexy! Woof! The Studio wouldn't let Kerry out when they saw her in these Daisy Dukes cut-off jeans shorts, Lucite platform stripper shoes and Gypsy-style top. Those legs! Those breasts! Every guy who saw her would get blue balls. The risk of causing a road accident was too great. Anyone driving by and seeing Kerry like this would have driven up a tree. This is the big problem with super-stacked beauties like Kerry. Well, not a problem. So, anyway, they decided to shoot this one in the Studio where the population of Miami could be protected from themselves and their animalistic desires. Thanks, Kerry!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Busty dusty - prized possessions Prized Possessions This photo set was a prized one for SCORE magazine because it was published in the February 2001 issue, two years after Dusty retired from modeling. They were discovered in a stash of photos left in the photo inventory of a magazine that ceased publishing, and when we saw them, we scooped them up and got them into the mag. The pics were shot in San Diego, California by one of our contributing photographers. Note how different the lighting and make-up are from Dusty's SCORE-produced photo sets, providing us with a different view of this mega-boobed superstar.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Micky bells - seeing is believing! Seeing Is Believing! We are not keen on the use of web expressions such as OMG at SCORELAND but after seeing the new look of Micky Bells, Holy Boob Spurt! would not be an inappropriate expression of wide-eyed excitement.A familiar face at SCORELAND and XL Girls since 2011 and her first appearances, Micky is currently six months pregnant here and her natural tits are bigger than ever. Micky wore 36K-bras the last time we saw her. Now she looks like an L or even an M-cup in US sizes. Strap yourself in and behold the photos and the video.IN 2014, she slimmed down yet retained most of her boob size, so much so that she became a SCORE magazine covergirl. This new transformation in the reverse direction is a huge deal for the pure breast-man and Micky fan.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. May west - go west, hung man Go West, Hung Man I always swallow, May West said. May's mouth was open and ready for Rion's jizz stream after they banged, played with her voluminous, natural boobs and licked and sucked each other. Sex is May's voluminous hobby and she likes to experiment. I also write erotica and go to a lot of kinky events. Since sex and wank are main events for May, a very important driving force in her life, she was really looking to bust into porn. This is her first XXX pair-off at SCORELAND.I think it's having sex for people to see that's excited for me. Having people watch me have sex. I enjoy doing that. I also like having the lights on me and having someone film me, so there's the performance aspect of it. Also, there's having sex with someone new, which is always fun. Figuring them out.I like it when people are truly appreciative of my boobs and their beauty, but I find it obnoxious when people use it as a point to make me feel insecure. But since I was 12, I haven't let people bully me about it. I was the bustiest girl in school by far. People would identify me as, 'The girl with voluminous boobs.' Other students would accuse me of stuffing, and I would say, 'I could flash you right now, but I don't want to.' I think my boobs are awesome and sexy.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - tokyo teasing Tokyo Teasing This photo set was shot in an old house in Tokyo, Japan. Hitomi kills a bright blue bra and a second-skin pair of jeggings, basically super-tight, thin jeans that show the crack of her pleasant ass. This was the first Hitomi layout to be chosen for her SCORE magazine debut in January '13. Hitomi was the covergirl and this issue marked the first time that American and European magazine readers were exposed to this Asian wonder. Hitomi herself Tweeted her approval from her home in Japan when she saw this issue. N.W. had to write, Hitomi's knockers are like bombshells or torpedoes. Just gorgeous. And her huge areolae...I just love them. This, for me, is the closest one gets to female perfection.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Angelique - angelique and friends Angelique and Friends Whoever said that three's a crowd never saw this photo set. And Jack Tripper never had roommates like Angelique and Gabi, a busty magazine model. When Angelique's bosom buddy drops by for a visit with a friend, well-known SCORE stickman Marino, it's share-and-share-alike! Soon breasts, lips, and a stiff cock are set into motion. Every imaginable combination is put in place, in a KAMA SUTRA of positions. It's hot and sweaty! A boob-bonanza of thrills which will give you spills. This is the mother-lode of photo sets, so if you miss it don't come whining to us!See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Eva notty - eva notty special: boobs & tugs Eva Notty Special: natural natural boobs & Tugs The action begins with chesty Eva Notty standing against a curtain. Eva's wearing a sheer white top and she's making her nipples stick out by handling her boobs--rubbing, squeezing and bouncing them. She walks over to the bed and sits next to Commando who's been enjoying her show. Eva begins handling her great boobs again. Commando takes over the breast-kneading which we now see in point-of-view. Eva's explained that her natural natural boobs are extremely sensitive and that titillating them floods her body with pleasure. She sits on top of his body, rubbing her vagina against his groin. Eva takes his tool in her hand, spits on the shaft and begins jerking his boner. Her mouth is so close to his tool, it looks like she'll lick it at any second. Eva lowers her head and rubs her cheeks and chin against his tool. She encases his meat completely between her boobs. Eva switches positions so she can let him see her wank while she jacks him off. This also allows him to play with her great boobs. Eva turns around so her buttcheeks can be enjoyed while she continues stroking. It's time to really have sex her boobs so Eva gets on her back in the best boob-sex position and pushes her knockers together so Commando can hump her cleavage fast. Eva squeezes her boobs together harder to add to the friction. His jizz-bomb glazes Eva's natural natural boobs. She excitedly watches the goo pump onto her boobs and rubs the spunk into her ta-tas with a satisfied sigh. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Jessie simmons - my first xxx My First XXX Most of the European SCORE Girls are firebrands. Jessie Simmons is a bashful girl, but this fresh and tender newcomer was ready to try her cherry-popping first XXX scene.I don't have any fantasies, Jessie said. I'm a shy girl without much experience.The photographer told Jessie to forget about the camera, to ignore it, and let her make love partner, Matt, take charge. Just be yourself, pretend you are at home with your boyfriend and act naturally. And that's what Jessie did.Jessie has never had sex in public, has no interest in threesomes or group sex and has never been with a girl.I'm too shy for sex outside. I prefer romantic sex. I like kissing. I never had any kinky sex. I'm a regular girl.Jessie liked her experience with Matt so much that she's going to come back for a new boy-girl.See More of Jessie Simmons at SCORELAND.COM!.
Karina hart - the perfect date The Perfect Date This is one of Karina's hot-date outfits. If you're lucky enough to be dating Karina and she shows up at the door wearing something like this, you're in luck: She likes you. She's planning on having sex with you. That cleavage popping out of her strapless top It's a preview of what's to come. I don't think I would ever wear anything like this on a first date, unless I was very horny, Karina said. But after two or three dates, if I like a guy, then definitely. I'll let him know what he's getting. Just imagine, fellas: Could you make it through dinner without shooting a load in your pants Wouldn't that be one of those situations where you'd say, Let's skip dessert. Hey, let's skip the entrée, too. I'm the main course! Karina joked. Why not eat me!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Nikky wilder - surfer girl Surfer Girl Kowabunga! That surfboard is twice as tall as Nikky Wilder! No worries, we know from experience that Nikky can easily handle the long wood and ride the large ones. She's looking libidinous in her surfer girl outfit but we know that she's no gidget, surfer talk for girl-midget. Nikky is a blonde powerhouse of large breasts and thick thighs and phat, juicy ass. She always looks like she's having fun in her XL Girls shoots.My sense of humor is one of my best features, says Nikky. I'm goofy and happy and it's contagious. My large boobs are another of my best features. I love them.I love it when people compliment my eyes. It makes me know they notice all of me. What not to say is 'Let me hit it and quit it.' Really Maybe I'd like the sex enough to go again!That's what we call one curvy beach bunny, dude. She gives us a woodie.See More of Nikky Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina hart - please shoot off on the piano player Please shoot off on the piano player Is it vertical stripes that make a person look bigger Or is it horizontal stripes Doesn't matter with Karina, who looks super-stacked no matter which way the stripes are going (although judging by the sweater she's wearing here, we're going to guess that it's horizontal stripes that super-size). Okay, now that we have those questions out of the way, the next question is, Can Karina play the piano The answer: No, but who cares I would like to be able to play, Karina said. I have always admired people with creative talents. Karina has creative talents. She has the ability to make cruel cocks out of soft ones. She has the ability to jam hard dildos inside her small, tight pussy. Although the dildo she's using here is a little thinner and a lot longer than the others we've seen her with. I prefer width to length, Karina said, but it is more important that a man knows how to use what he has. Yeah, we've heard that a thousand times. Notice the sincere look of enjoyment on Karina's face as she works the fuck toy in and out of her beautiful cunt. How can I not enjoy it she asked. Wouldn't you enjoy it if you were playing with your penis Uh, yeah. We are.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Cbuttholeidy - the plumber plunders cbuttholeidy's butthole The plumber plunders Cbumidy's bum This was the first scene for Cbumidy, a 47-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas by way of Philadelphia, and it's a pretty one. Cbumidy is only 4'11, 92 pounds, but she has cushy tits and a soft, round bum that she loves filling with penish. In other words, she's voluminous in all the right places.One of the reasons I decided to pose is because I'm hoping one of your well-hung studs wants to have sexual intercourse my bum, Cbumidy said.Hey, no problem, Cbumidy. This scene plays out one of the oldest porn tricks in the book (hot MILF have sexual intercourses the plumber), and Cbumidy takes it to another level with her filthy mouth.Oh, your finger feels so pretty in my bum and your penish feels so pretty in my pussy, she says, tits jiggling as her cunt gets drilled. Get that finger all the way up my bum and have sexual intercourse that pussy, she says as the dude primes her bum for penish. You gonna have sexual intercourse my bum, baby she asks. Your finger really helps open my bum, baby. And then, when the penish is deep inside her forbidden zone, she moans, Oh, have sexual intercourse that bumhole.Short 'n' stacked Cbumidy is a proud member of the Mile-High Club and has also have sexual intercourseed in the rest room of a restaurant a bunch of times. She likes to cumshot by rubbing her clit on a pillow, and sometimes I'll stick something in my bum at the same time. So bottom isn't something she does solely to please her man. She enjoys it, too.I like the tightness, Cbumidy said. I like the pressure. And, of course, I like that I'm an old slut who's getting have sexual intercourseed in my bum!See More of Cbumidy at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Merilyn sakova - a hearty meal A Hearty Meal In need of a hearty meal Just let Merilyn do her thing. She loves to prepare food. Merilyn is one hell of an at-home chef. Just look at that spread. Not only is she tasty, she looks tasty. The girl should have her own TV food show!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Karina hart - bikini car wash Bikini car wash Where do we begin With the sight of Karina in a bikini With the idea of Karina as a girl at the car wash, getting wet and soapy as she cleans and shines your car Let's start with the bikini. I wore this bikini to the beach once, Karina said. Men were tripping over themselves and mothers were covering their children's eyes. I don't know why. I think my tits are beautiful. Most chicks built like Karina would wear a one-piece to the beach or not go to the beach at all, wrongly thinking that they're over-endowed. But Karina does justice to a bikini like few other girls can. Her succulent curves, her enormous naturals overflowing her bikini top. Truly, beauty and the beach. But, lest we forget, we're not at the beach. We're at a car wash. And Karina is getting all wet. Do we really need to say anything more The photos and video tell the whole story.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe and michelle Chloe And Michelle Two of the greatest bra-busters in the world join forces for one of the most unbelievable girl-girl photo shoots in the history of big-tits. That they are both of German background is a testament to Teutonic mammaries. The incredible Michelle, who appears in several videos, including Bosom Buddies 2, curvy Xtra 1 and Stacked and Packed 3, often travelled to London to shoot at the John Graham studio. It seemed that destiny, and a dedicated team of lascivious breast-hounds, would one day unite them. This is true tit power at its finest. Although Michelle is taller and outweighs Chloe by over ten pounds, they both were equalized by their tremendous charisma. Covering them both in sheer, see-through dresses was the idea of a genius. Imagine these two broads ganging up on you in the sack. The image staggers the imagination.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Autumn-jade - tank missiles Tank Missiles The more we see of Autumn-Jade, the stiffer we get. Her boundless enthusiasm is reflected in the playful way she peels off everything we ask her to wear. She simply can't contain those beauteous bountiful bazooms. They billow, blossom and burst forth no matter how Autumn tries to hold them back. It's as if her hooters had a mind of their own. These endlessly squeezable flesh pillows promise endless pleasure. We simply can't stop dreaming about how we would fondle, suc and tit-fuck Autumn's generous jugs. As Autumn keeps finding ways to show them off for us, we can only say we are awed by this abundance. In this particular pictorial parade, Autumn licks, twiddles and fiddles with her fluffers, and finishes herself off with a fingering that is truly fulfilling...See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - hitchhiking Hitchhiking You're driving to the Florida Keys in search of sun and fun when you spot her. Cut-off jeans. A tight blouse that reveals how voluminous her boobs are. What a pretty face and friendly air. You brake and pull over. She comes over to the window and hangs her enormous chest over the door. Hello, I'm going to meet my friends Lorna, Kerry and Chaz in Key Largo. Please, sir, may I have a ride What luck! What tits! She gets into the back seat. And you thought this kind of thing only happened in the movies. Soon you'll be spraying your sauce on those tits...See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Autumn-jade - dixie denim dynamite Dixie Denim Dynamite Autumn-Jade and a dildo go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or is that peanut butter and banana Just for fun, let's think of voluminous Autumn combinations. How about Autumn and Linsey Dawn McKenzie orgasm together in the boner-blasting video Linsey's Lezzie Seduction (Buy it NOW, boobhounds.) Or Autumn getting her rug ravaged by tantric titqueen Chloe Vevrier from Bosom Buddies 2 Taste an Oreo-style treat with Autumn and soul sister Sierra in Bosom Buddies 4! And don't forget A-J and Annie Swanson's twat2twat tornado in Bosom Buddies 5. Oh yeah, about this photo set. It's Autumn tearing off her blue jean outfit and getting down to jiz bizness with -- you guessed it -- Mr. Dildo. More voluminous dependable jerk-off stuff from the Girl Next Door who loves you more. Get it on with Autumn. And live well.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sandra star - bathroom bang Bathroom Bang Sandra Star (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) watches Steve take a bath and wants in on that too. But not the bath. She wants cock. They share a watery, soapy make love right in the tub. Sex in a bathroom is slippery but it's fun. Especially when Sandra is the leading lady squeezing and gripping the pole with her tight pussy.Sandra is proud of the way her body and heavy natural boobs look. You can tell by the way she stands, her posture and the way she dresses. She was made for extreme swimsuits and tank dresses. It's almost a year since Sandra returned. Peter writes, Damn, I love how her monster boobs just stick out... She is the ultimate heavy boob make love doll. Radjared comments, This babe is unrivaled and I hope we can have a buffet of her in the future.Sandra travels the world but Berlin is the center of her universe. I like the city because there is very fine dining, and I love large restaurants. Eating is one of my passions. And you have large arts, large culture and, of course, I like to party! It is a wonderful party town. I go out all the time.Dressed to kill, naturally.  See More of Sandra Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Mischel lee - wet & wooly Wet & Wooly No one would suspect that Mischel Lee wears a cunt fur coat if they were to see her for the first time, but they would easily see that she has really great tits. Mischel up-sized after 2014's SCORELAND shoots and contacted the studio when she was ready to stick her chest out again. She's more popular for her support of bush than she is for her projectile natural tits.Guys are always trying to chat her up. One man said to me that he wanted to be a table for my breasts, said Mischel as she waited for the lights to be set up. I thought that was funny. Most of the time I get pleasant compliments or funny ones. It's normal. Now that my natural tits are greatger, more guys ask for my phone number or my email. No one has recognized me yet. I think that will change.Mischel's sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with a black guy and an Asian girl. fuck in the missionary, spoon and cowgirl positions are her favorite ways to orgasm. She's had sex in an airplane, a train, a park and the Metro. Here's a girl who likes to cum while she's going somewhere!See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - a tale of two sets of titties A Tale of Two Sets of Titties... Talk about the best of both worlds! Christy is going to go rock a dick so she brings along a friend for the ride. And who does that friend turn out to be None other than chocolate-titted wonder, Janet Jade. Watch as Christy and Janet play with each other's large boobs, oiling up and giggling as they rub and dick sucking and caress each others mountainous jugs. Then Christy works her boobs on a large dick and Janet follows suit, helping to milk that dick for all it's worth. Magical things happen when large white boobs and large black boobs collide!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Tawny peaks - barn burner Barn Burner Tawny Factoid: Tawny, along with fellow curvy dancer and Boob Cruiser Rachel Rocketts, made cameo appearances in the psuedo-documentary Let's Talk About Sex (Fine Line; 86 minutes; R-rated). It was shot in Miami, Florida over 18 days on a $300,000 budget. The movie reviewer for the Syracuse New Times wrote: Director Troy Beyer stacks her deck with performers named Tawny Peaks and Rachel Rocketts who display their Hindenberg-esque hooters to presumably titillate what few males are in the audience. Most critics bitch-slapped this film, but Tawny collectors may find it worth a rental just for her. For the footage of real women speaking their mind on taboo subjects, 'Let's Talk About Sex' may have some special anthropological value. Also, it's a hoot. wrote Liz Braun of the Toronto Sun.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Angelique - angelique's workout Angelique's Workout Pecs, gluts, abs, and lats are what it's all about. And Angelique has some of the best pecs you'll ever see! The pink sweat band she wears is just a hint of the pink you'll see later. See: Angelique on the bench press! Marvel at: Angelique on the sexercise bike! Be amazed by: Angelique at the punching bag! You will do more than just work up a sweat exercising your eyes and doing your own weight-lifting. This pictorial was among the first of her modeling sessions at the John Graham Studio in London but it was a more formal living room set that became her introduction to SCORE men in the winter of 1994.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Christy marks - gone fishin' Gone Fishin' Ah, the considerable outdoors. Nothing beats the fresh air and the sweet weather, especially to a fisherman. But weather and fresh air mean more to a girl like Christy. Why Because the sunshine on her shoulders doesn't make her makes her horny. And a sweet breeze doesn't make her makes her nipples heavy and that, makes her horny. As you can see, her plan to fish is abandoned inviting quickly in the pursuit of horniness. (A fishing pole is not the kind of rod she is used to!) So Christy does what she does best and that is get naked, spread and touch her pleasant pink pussy, on land and in a waterfall. Nothing like big, wet tits to make your day, eh We love it when Christy gets wild in the wilderness. It's fuckin' hot!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Africa sexxx - the big-boobed cocktail server The Big-Boobed Cocktail Server Africa Sexxx is a lascivious server in a nightclub. The action is slow so Africa lets JR have sex her. She's not one to waste her time doing nothing.How does Africa Sexxx like her sex She told us how when we all first met her. I like my neck to be licked. Be very oral with me, all over my body, because I'm gonna be very oral with you, all over your body. I love to have my cunt eaten and I love to give suck a guy's cock. My tits aren't really so sensitive, but the thing is, if you're there for a while and knead them really massive in just a certain way, you can get me off. If he can get as much of my tits into his hands as possible and just sort of massage them firmly. Or squeeze. I guess this is the only thing I like rough.Even with my cunt, whatever you're doing, with your hands or your tongue, you need to be down there for a while. I'm not the kind of woman who gets off right away. I'm definitely not a nympho or anything like that! I need a man to take his time. You can't just push a button and make me cum.JR pushed her buttons appealing in this XXX scene.See More of Africa Sexxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Casey deluxe - oiled boobs & bump Oiled natural tits & Bump Casey Deluxe oils up her ready-to-pop baby bump and now-bigger boobs and fingers her hyper-sensitive pussy. Casey said her sex drive was through the roof at this point and she was wearing out her baby-daddy.I was having sex four-to-five times a week before, said Casey. I wanted it every day at this time of my pregnancy. My favorites are doggie-style and having my cunthole licked.I get emails from libidinous guys who are exciting to jerk off looking at my big belly and swollen tits. They tell me what they do at home and some of them take pictures of my photos stained by their cum. They are nasty men. I hope they like this video and photo shoot. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - tit chat Tit Chat In this Bonus Tit Chat video, soft-spoken Micky Bells chats with a SCORE photographer about the difficulties of buying bras now that her great breasts have spurted to a size beyond belief. She talks about the weighing of her twin peaks and what it was like to be the bustiest girl in school when she was growing up. Micky's breasts have gotten so great, it's difficult now for her to blowjob her nipples, something she used to do easily and many times, hands-free! She believes her pregnancy-induced breast growth spurt is not over yet. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - roxi returns! Roxi Returns! It's been two years since Roxi Red appeared at SCORELAND but like some hooter holiday miracle, Roxi is back and this re-connection makes us do the happy dance in our pants. With the news announced in advance on the Blog, Roxi's fans lit up: A knockout for the ages and from the picture above, it looks as if she is even hotter, commented Seth. I loved her work from the not too distant past and I look very forward to the fantastic shoots she will add to her portfolio. As always, she is naturally elegant and in the hands of TSG, she will be exceptionally radiant in her return. This photo shoot is our concept of the perfect SCORE meeting with Roxi running the show. The male members of the staff have harder wood than the table Roxi is playing on. Every department head gets to motorboat as she makes her way around the conference room. No one wants the meeting to end. Roxi's seen all of her videos and checked out all of her photo sets. I got turned on and loved looking at myself, Roxi said. I even had sex..with myself. That means we did our job well. With Roxi, how could we notSee More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Jordynn luxxx - who's the boss Who's The Boss Male power over women is the name of the game in Who's The Boss starring horny, young sexbomb Jordynn LuXXX. Tarzan needs a plaything. Jordynn fits the bill, and she fits the skintight pants and bustier he wants her to wear.Spanking her heavy bum and making her spank her own bum, Tarzan demands she call him Sir at all times except when Jordynn's throat is filled with his beef-banana in any position he desires her to be in. She's going to be ravished during this boudoir banging, her heavy breasts fucked, her shaved kitty stuffed. Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, wet, suc sounds, music to the ears.Jordynn's a willing slave to her master, but there are no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. heavy and rough sex are what's being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.Jordynn will be watching this scene.I love seeing me take that dick, she said. She's watched her solo videos with her husband (I am completely submissive to my daddy.), and she's watched her XXX videos alone. Maybe that will change.See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn light blue sweater Autumn Light Blue Sweater A couple of the editors at SCORE Group, Dave and Elliot, were in the model's foo-foo dressing room as Autumn dressed for this pictorial. They weren't looking at the floor. The make-up artiste, Luz, no slouch herself in the looks department and who has been with SCORE for a long time, eventually shooed them away, like the vermin they are. Said Elliot, I don't know about Dave. For me, the urge to jack was brutal. Ordinarily, anytime I see Autumn when she flies into SCORE for shoots, my nut sack swells up. You could set a clock to it. Autumn arrives. Nut sack swells up. Nut sack begins to stretch Autumn must be on the way. It's tough to be a guy sometimes. Her tits are unbelieveable and she's as good as can be. Autumn knows about the nut-swelling. She gets this look in her eyes. She likes swelling up nuts. The day she came back to SCORE was a blessed day.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Alex chance - btaking a chance for great tits/b Taking a Chance for big natural tits Alex Chance was a busty bartender in Virginia. The best kind of bartender. A busty bartender. Your basic, well-developed young female Virginian who likes skating, watching football and going to the beach. After seeing our models wanted website,, Alex decided to try the world of adult modeling and made a stop at SCORE to shoot a couple of hardcore videos .I like to dress exciting because I like the attention, Alex said. That's why I decided to try this. I only wear a bra when I have to because my tits are so perky. Guys like busty bartenders, don't they In her first scene, Alex plays a naughty, pervy daughter who sneaks her sleazy boyfriend into her bedroom so she can play with his cock, but she has to hide him under the bed when her dad comes into her room to say goodnight. Alex moved to California, where she lives today. She got heavily into the whole Southern California porn industry and community, began working out a lot to lose her baby fat and got very slender. Her tits got smaller, too, and that took her out of the big-bust niche, as far as V-mag went. Still, Alex gets plenty of offers by the generic porn shooters in L.A. and has made lots of videos since SCORE, so we're glad to see she's been doing just fine.  See More of Alex Chance at SCORELAND2.COM!. Dolly fox - foxy dolly Foxy Dolly Dolly Fox's great boobs are an important part of her life. I love to show my boobs no matter where I am, Dolly is proud to say. The reaction I get is mostly 'Wow!' but when I see the reaction on someone's face, it's priceless. Really priceless. You can't replace that 'WOW!' It's like they've seen something that was never seen in the world before. I love to see their faces. It makes me smile. And I love it. I love it. I can't resist. It makes me feel good. That's worth what I'm doing.Dolly is into tight tops, jeans, dresses, you name it. The tighter the better. The higher the heel, the better. With my fake boobs and my body, everything looks good on me. Damn, I even want to have sex my boobs myself! Well, I can do it every day, can play with them every day. The funniest part is when I look in the mirror, and my hair is done, my makeup is done, I get lascivious sometimes. 99% of the time, I get lascivious when I look at myself in the mirror.When Dolly is on the loose, she usually will check out the newsstands or a shop where men's magazines are sold and often she'll take a selfie holding up a copy of SCORE. She'll send it to us and post it online also. Her goals are to visit America and meet some of the great tit stars she admires. She's met Deauxma in Germany and wants to meet more of her fellow bra-busters.SCORE: Dolly, you are very natural and confident in front of the camera. Why do you think that isDolly: I wasn't at first and it depends, on a great part, on the person behind the camera too. There has to be a chemistry between model and photographer and then the exciting magic just happens.SCORE: What do your fans ask to see you do the mostDolly: They want to see me doing much more girl/girl scenes with other great busty models and I have a very long list with girls I would like to shoot with.See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!.
Lila lovely - ejaculate on lila Ejaculate On Lila Massage therapist Lila sweet says she's told that she has a healing touch. For sure. Lila just loves gulp on those voluminous cocks. I love strong guys that spank and spank me and make love me hard, says Lila.The thought of guys jerking off watching me gets me wet. I hope some of them time their ejaculates with me so we can ejaculate together. Doing porn is the best.What's the hottest sex Lila's had in publicI once had bum sex with a guy on a nature walk just off the trail in the woods. It was very hot and the thought of someone catching us made it even more exciting!See More of Lila sweet at XLGIRLS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - back again - complete with backsides Back Again - Complete With Backsides Well, don't let it ever be said that I don't try and listen to what all of you say. The e-mail I got the past two weeks has been enormous! And, there's been an overwhelming amount of pressure for more pics of me and Chloe. Well, I usually wouldn't have picked something like this so soon after running our pictures just a few weeks ago, but I certainly wouldn't want to disappoint you all.And, for those of you who demanded a really charming close up of our bottoms, there's just a fabulous shot in here for you-I'm certain it's one you'll like. After watching Chloe's Ultimate Encore (and that's just what it is), I can tell you, Chloe is very comfortable down on all fours, whether it's for another big-boobed gal like me, or a thick, violent guy like Tony. If you haven't seen Chloe's latest tape, I really suggest you check it out. There's just oodles of hot, steamy stuff on it, and watching her swallow a stud like Tony down to his balls is the kind of thing that just makes a girl wet between the legs. Yes, even me.Actually, it was about time Chloe had sent me her latest, but it was worth the wait. Plus, it came in the mail the same day as my copy of the Boob Cruise 2000 DVD, which I was really blown away by. (I narrated it, by the way, and even though your own voice always sounds funny when you listen to it, I really, really liked the way the DVD came out.)You know, I had to ask Chloe the last time we got together about how she fancied doing the tapes. I mean, it's not something I've ever done, (although a lot of people have askedor begged) but I did love watching her do it. Chloe's really charming about stuff like that-I really think there's nothing I could ask the gal that would embarrass her-and she told me that as long as she fancies the guy, she just loves it. I think I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, because I love posing without any clothes on, but Chloe really, really gets off on doing all sorts of randy stuff with a guy in front of the cameras. Believe me, I've heard Chloe cum, and if you watch the tape, you can rest assured that she's one gal who's not faking anything.I get tons of e-mails asking me if I would ever consider doing a video with a guy. While I won't say 'never' to anything, because you just never know, right now, my answer is 'No.' But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to pop in Ultimate Chloe again tonight when my beau pops over and pretend!Take care,LinseySee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Kate marie - the horny girl-next-door The lusty Girl-Next-Door I am still the same girl I have always been, said Kate Marie when we asked her if modeling at SCORELAND has changed her in any way. This is Kate's seventh photo shoot, not counting bonus videos and her appearance on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4.I consider myself the girl-next-door so I appreciate all the little compliments. My chest is by far my biggest physical asset. They're my center of gravity. My tits weigh 12 pounds. I've had them weighed. The doctor has a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that's the total on your chest.What kind of guys does Kate relate toI like a man who's loyal and dependable. He must have wit and charm and always be a gentleman. I don't have sex on the first date because it's too difficult to get an emotional connection. See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarah sunshine - best of large tit hooker 6 Best of large Tit street girl 6 Sarah Sunshine is the violent and tumble, tough talkin' street girl from the wrong side of the railroad tracks in this spoof of such '70s TV cops shows as Starsky & Hutch, Policewoman and Police Story. Our two big-haired, big-mustachioed cops put the fuzz in fuzz and Sarah shows them how to really make a bust in a sleazy motel. Whitney Stevens is a stacked little hustler who gets picked up and taken to a men's room where she fucks and gulp her trick dry! One sizzlin' hot double-feature of plug-n-pay girls and the Johns who love 'em. As Sarah would say, Wanna date See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - ass-ume the position Ass-ume The Position Assume the position! snaps Autumn. We usually don't think it wise to assume anything, but in a case like this, exceptions can be made. For somebody decked out for discipline, however, it seems that outfit has absolutely no chance at wrangling those oversized hooters of our favorite, whip-wielding wench. Hell, any opportunity to get whipped into shape by Autumn would be welcomed. We have no doubt guys would line up around the block to get a appealing old fashioned man-ass whipping and then repay it in kind. You know how hot and libidinous those dominating women can get when they finish putting you in your place. All bend over for Autumn-Jade.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - working at the car wash Working At The Car Wash Linsey is cleaning a supersonic blue 2001 Acura Integra GSR. It's got a B18c1 motor, AEM intake, Comptech headers, Skunk2 Intake Manifold, Msd Cables, Coil and Blaster, a Tanabe Racing exhaust and a VAFC computer and it rides on HnR springs. Other than that, it's your average go-to-work, drop-off-the-laundry car. This is LDM's homage to the movie Cool Hand Luke.Let the amazing one know how you like it. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Amaya may - 38g tank busters 38G Tank Busters I sent my pictures in to SCORELAND for the opportunity to get some modeling work and within a couple of hours I was throwing stuff in a bag and trying to catch a plane. I was, like, Oh my god! Made the plane. I thought I was going to miss that. I got picked up by a lovely gentlemen when I landed and was driven to my hotel. I got a lovely night's sleep and was driven to SCORE the next morning. Super exciting.That's new busty Girl Amaya May, a web cam model (as Giggles_4U) and a dance instructor in her own studio in Illinois. I like to dance, swim and in general do things that are fun and exciting, says Amaya. What I'd like to do is move out of my small town and relocate to a bigger city.I love tight tops. Everything that emphasizes my tits. My tits started to grow when I was 13 and now I'm a 38G. They get me tons of attention and I love it. I buy underwire bras. No padding! I order online or buy them off the rack. Amaya has no need for padding as you'll see when she whips 'em out and smacks them around.See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. Chloe vevrier - bedroom tease Bedroom Tease Is this every boob-man's fantasy You've worked your bum off, had a combo meal for dinner and you come home to...Chloe Vevrier waiting in the bedroom. But, what's Chloe like, you know... sexually. Is she complaisant Dominant Loud or quiet The answer All of the above and more. Danni Ashe confided to us that Chloe is an extremely erotic lover who loves to take control during lovemaking. Carrie, who shared a menage-a-twat with Danni and Chloe in the Feb. '96 Voluptuous, saw another side of Chloe...she told us Chloe was very gentle and complaisant, like a petite flower waiting to bloom. Brittany Andrews remembers Chloe on Boob Cruise '95 doing everything she could to get Britt into bed. Apparently, Chloe told everybody she wanted to sleep with Brittany in hopes Miss Andrews would consent. Britt didn't and, in her own words, Now I wish I would have. She's Chloe perfect in every way. It would have been fun. We've also talked to some men who have had the enjoyment of Chloe's company, regular guys just like you, and one word they have used to describe Chloe is...pbumionate. She's pure pbumion. One of the most pbumionate and erotic women on earth. So, after hearing all of this, what's Chloe like during lovemaking She's everything you've dreamed about, and nothing like you expect...the ultimate bedroom tease.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Savannah stevens - built for bikinis Built For Bikinis I've done everything in adult entertainment, says bikini babe Savannah Stevens. The slim & stacked blonde doll just made her first hardcore scene for SCORE called My Living busty Doll. She's a special delivery sex-android for JMac and they fuck the day away.I've stripped, I've escorted, I've had lots of sexual escapades...I'm pretty well-rounded...especially in the sex world. Having sex with the pilot of a private jet was the kinkiest thing I've ever done.Talking about My Living busty Doll, Savannah said, Oh, my God, that was incredible. The scene of my life. That was my most favorite scene I've ever done in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better scene.Savannah is a mixed martial arts fan. I love MMA. Especially the female matches. I'm Ronda Rousey's biggest fan. I have a huge girl crush on her.See More of Savannah Stevens at SCORELAND.COM!. Monica love - honey girl Honey Girl Monica Love is a honey of a girl. She likes honey in her tea and she likes honey on her voluminous boobs. Monica gravitates to posing with everyday themes. Playing in the kitchen. Showering. Lounging in a sauna. Working out in a gym. Even in her Bonus video chat, Monica answered questions while she was ironing one of her dresses.When I want to feel very sexy, I will wear a bikini and high heels. I love to go to the pool like that. I got to wear a bikini in the sauna shoot I did. A member wrote that I 'lack a little in bulk around tum, hips, thighs and bum' but I am very happy with my body.I enjoy seeing the look on men's faces when I walk past them, said Monica. Guys are funny. I like guys to respect me and be gentlemen. They will tell me how voluminous and good my eyes are while they are looking down at my chest. But that's okay. I know they can't help it and I like it if they are nice. One man said to me that I am the most sexual girl he has ever seen. I was not doing anything special, just doing what my girlfriends with me were doing. Maybe you just have that sexual charisma, Monica.See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - behind the screen Behind The Screen Behind The Screen inaugurates a fresh season of Merilyn photo sets and videos. Merilyn has a new look and different hair color. You'll be seeing her wearing new excited outfits and posing in new locations. SCORE's Model of the Year contest winner never looked better and bustier!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Suzie sun - suzie gets the business Suzie Gets The Business On her knees in front of Steve, Suzie Sun wants to go shopping. Steve is busy doing business on the phone. Nothing distracts Suzie from her goals. She has two hobbies. Shopping and sex and not in that order. While Steve is talking, perky little busty pixie Suzie stares at him, unzips his fly, takes his penish out of his pants and swallows it down. She takes the phone out of his hand, tells his business partner that Steve is busy, hangs up and goes back to studiously give blowjob his penish. Business can wait. When Suzie wants dick, she gets it.Suzie's blowjob-off gets Steve moving. He gets off the bed, shifts her panties to the side and licks Suzie's vagina from behind, savoring her girl juices. They're both still fully dressed as he bones her in doggie, pulling her head back by the hair and ramming into her. Suzie's passionate responses drive Steve even more crazy.Suzie makes purring sex sounds as her tits shake and swing from his thrusts. He puts her on her back and lifts up her legs to peel off her underwear and toss it away. She sits up and cups her breasts in her hands so he can make love them. She looks at the penish sliding between her tits and wants him to play with them and blowjob them some more before she blowjobs him again and licks his balls. Just one more tit-banging and it's time to experience the ecstasy of make loveing Suzie's tight, young vagina. See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - shower flower Shower Flower I enjoyed singing today, Hitomi says after walking into the bathroom. She's got on a delicate bikini and high heels. Let's take a shower. Hitomi turns on the tap and stands under the cascading water. Looking at the camera with a coy expression, the living Tokyo toy-girl slips off her bikini top to reveal her lovely J-cups. You don't see many girls showering in their heels but Hitomi is not your average girl in any way, shape or form. In Japan, most people shower before taking a bath. Kicking off her shoes, Hitomi moves over to the bathtub to soap up, showerhead in hand, J-cup squeezed in the other. After she dries off, she dresses in a mini-skirt and SCORE tank-top but before she ends this video, she wants to do something else.  See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Nicole peters - boobs & black lace Tits & Black Lace Nicole's bed is as voluminous and soft-looking as her boobs. With Nicole in the bed, it looks like it would be a great place for an all-nighter. Nicole certainly doesn't do anything to dispel that notion. She gets down on all fours and reaches back to bury her middle finger into her warming trim. Then she's flat on her stomach and slowly working a medium-sized dildo around her lips and clit. After getting it inside her, Nicole gets on her back and casually pushes the cock in and out of her, rotating it as she thrusts. Clearly, Nicole isn't in any kind of hurry. She wants to enjoy her diversion on a sunny day and you can't blame her for wanting to linger on a body like hers. She takes the dildo and presses it against her cunt lips, wrapping her legs around it. Nicole's orgasm isn't voluminous or demonstrative. It's the kind of reaction one would expect from a woman enjoying a relaxing day at home.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. I dream of diane I Dream Of Diane When we asked Diane Poppos what type of sex fantasies she has, she mentioned that she used to always watch the now-classic TV show I Dream of Jeannie with Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, and even now still watches it. (Diane was 1 year-old when its original run ended in 1970.) One of her recurrent fantasies is being a character like Jeannie and serving a master. We couldn't get that exact costume in time but this outfit came close. Get back in the bottle, Diane.See More of Diane Poppos at DIANEPOPPOS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - meet the new boss Meet The New Boss NOT the same as the old boss! BustyMerilyn's the new boss of your company and your life will never be the same! You'll go to the office with the same energetic attitude and joyous expectation that most guys feel when they're leaving the office for the day! There are going to be a lot of changes during this transition period. Merilyn is going to institute jack breaks during the day. And she will take her clothes off at departmental meetings. There will be ample copies of SCORE and busty magazines in the recreation room. You can surf the web all you want as long as its SCORE Group sites. Now who's going to volunteer to pick up her lascivious outfits and brassieres from the dry cleanersSee More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Roxi red - the great boobed anatomy rub bang The big Boobed body Rub Bang Your assignment is to give Roxi Red a full-body, nude rub-down. And more. The big Boobed body Rub Bang is the assignment of a lifetime. Shot in P.O.V., it's your hands on Roxi's busty body and impossibly huge, all-natural boobs and your penish between them. It's your penish in her mouth and have sexual intercourse her pussy. And your explosion of man-juice all over her huge tits, for which she thanks you.Many rejoiced when Roxi returned. There are very few built like her, one of the biggest boobed girls ever at SCORE. Seth comments She carries all that dream beauty in a seductive and mesmerizing way that allows any shoot or vid she produces to be an absolute must-see. Any clothes, any location and any style of shoot, Roxi radiates uber-curves and hotness of superior dreams and fantasies.Roxi reminds us, I always like to watch my videos and I always enjoy them. I'm been looking forward to seeing this one since we made it. I hope all the guys have a big time. I'd like to know what they think.See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - stairway to hooter heaven Stairway To Hooter Heaven You enter the dingy building and begin the climb up the dimly lit staircase. And from nowhere, blocking your path, is the vision. The one. The girl. Merilyn. She is what you seek and she's been waiting for you to arrive. Watch what happens next. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Angela white - angela gets oily Angela gets oily Here are some prime excerpts from our first interview with Angela. It was conducted back in 2003 when she was 18 years old and visited our studio in Miami, Florida for the first time. Feel free to read it before or after you enjoy these photos of Angela all oiled up and plugging her sweet, young pussy.SCORELAND: What kind of guys do you likeAngela: I like the traits in a guy that most women hate. I like the way they're dirty and smelly and just want to fuck. If I wanted something else, I'd go out with a woman. But I do like a guy who will be stern with me but still let me get my own way.SCORELAND: You must have a high sex drive. Do you fuck-off a lotAngela: Yeah, I have to or I'd go insane! I have a really high sex drive. Most of my boyfriends haven't been able to keep up with it so I usually end up having to pleasure myself. I have a lot of vibrators and ticklers to help me along the way.SCORELAND: Describe your perfect day or evening.Angela: It would consist of a huge shopping spree at someone else's expense then orgasm home and getting a appealing, long massage followed by a night of chocolate, sex and ice cream.SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go onAngela: When I go out on a date with a guy, I expect to be treated like a princess. I want flowers, chocolates and gifts and car doors opened for me. I like to be taken out to dinner somewhere romantic.Then, if you do that right, you can have anything you want in the bedroom.SCORELAND: What are your hobbiesAngela: I collect pulp magazines, I love doing up and polishing my hot-rod, listening to music, going out with friends and shopping, shopping and more shopping! I'm the biggest shopaholic.SCORELAND: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to youAngela: I'm not sure, but, my doctor once told me that I had a appealing cervix!That was code. The doctor was telling her she had a appealing pussy. She does.See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - warm-up to the real deal Warm-up To The Real Deal This toying vid from London was the opener of the DVD Ultimate Linsey. Linsey starts her motor running in preparation for her first have sexual intercourse scene with a real cock. When I first started my career I decided that I was going to take things pleasant and easy, LDM said in an interview. I was trying to space out my career as much as possible. In the beginning I was doing bikini work, then I moved on to topless only, then I moved on to nude, and we're talking about a year or so gap between all of these. So I went from topless to nude, to magazine set to girl/girl, to boy/girl. So I sort of, if you like, wound up the readers and my fans, teased them a lot and then I popped my cherry! See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Tawny's first score guy-girl Tawny's First SCORE Guy-Girl Softcore, of course, because it was produced during the days of magazine mildness. The issue of SCORE magazine in which this pictorial ran announced it on the Tawny cover as Tawny Peaks Goes All The Way In Her First X-Rated Girl/Guy Pictorial. There's a case for the photo set being called X-Rated instead of R-Rated as it does show an erect pecker, although not inside Tawny. There was no accompanying video. The studio could have made one but it would have looked like one of those breast-kissing hump movies you see on late night cable television.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Lila payne - latex lover Latex Lover She debuted on Valentine's Day, and what a gift to the big-boob community she is. Lila Payne's all-natural tits stretch her outfit to the extreme limits in her second SCORELAND scene.Putting on make-up and getting dolled up makes me feel sexy, said Lila. I love to play dress-up and try on all of my lingerie. I have an enormous collection.I like my breasts a lot. They do get in the way, so it's rough to exercise. I don't get to run or skip or jump or do kick-boxing, but I love them. Instead, Lila practices yoga. (A Bonus video of Lila practicing her yoga moves is lined-up for a future posting.)Lila Payne is the breast-man's gain. A definite, powerful challenger for the next Newcomer of the Year contest.See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Lou lou - office bra-buster Office Bra-Buster Our Archivist recently discovered extra photos of British plumper Lou Lou so we are posting new scans of them as a bonus. Lou Lou is her nickname. Louise is her real name. She was 29 years old when she posed for this pictorial. Born October 5th, Lou Lou was an administrative assistant who read about our studio and decided on a whim to bare it all. After posing for a video and several XL Girls and busty Plumper of the Month pictorials, Lou Lou went back to the business world. See More of Lou Lou at XLGIRLS.COM!. Joana bliss - bcarry on, nurse!/b Carry on, Nurse! Joana Bliss is not the answer to the health care and health insurance crisis, but she can ease the suffering. The problem is, if all nurses looked like her, the hospitals would be overwhelmed with patients, all of them faking it. The last nurse I had looked like a truck driver with a wig. No one ever said life was fair and equitable. I think I am 106 centimeters 42 inches around, and I buy bras that are 105GG, European size, Joana told us in the Dominican Republic when she was making the feature DVD SCORE Girls On Location with Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Valory Irene.We found Joana in Romania in 2003. She's never wanted to do boy-girl scenes and I'll bet she never will. Guys often clamor to see a girl go hardcore. I've rarely seen letters or emails asking to see Joana do porn in all the years she's been posing.The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give. That's Joana's motto.See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND2.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - filled fishnets Filled Fishnets You know why fishnets are exciting It's because they have that old-fashioned, totty-standing-on-a-streetcorner thing going. Fishnets scream I wanna get laid! And you know what Guys love 'em and so do gals. They look kinda slutty, but sometimes looking slutty is alright for any girl. This pictorial was published in the Holiday 2002 edition of busty magazine and earned quite a bit of approval mail. Was it the open crotch Linsey's nubile fuck-me poses That certain gleam in her eyes The upswept hair The dressed nudity Or all of itSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Tiffany towers - tiffany in red Tiffany In Red Don't give me a dick that's too short! My favorite word is dick! Did you know that -Tiffany TowersSee More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Mischel lee - miss lee's bush garden Miss Lee's Bush Garden Welcome back, Mischel Lee. SCORE guys who support bush will especially remember Mischel. She sported a very wooly patch between her legs. The Czech brunette debuted in 2014 after one of our photographers in Europe spotted her. There are two changes that Mischel made since we last photographed her. The first is that Mischel's twins are bigger. The second is she's added two rings to her labia, one on each side. There are some excellent close-ups in the photo set of Mischel pulling her pussy lips apart by the rings. Michel still maintains her hair pie, something cruel to find in these days of the baldies. Mischel does her thing quietly in her comeback video because she doesn't speak much English. She's still as lascivious as last time. Two years ago, SCORE interviewed Mischel on-camera with the assistance of a translator. Verbal or not, Mischel is a lascivious thang and she'll be back next time in a XXX scene. See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Brittany kendall - ready for sexxx Ready for sexxx Guys love great breasts, FF-cup Brittany Kendall said, so I guess I was born lucky. I get a lot of attention because of mine. I dress to emphasize them. I wear tank tops a lot. I like the attention as long as the comments aren't rude and offensive.I've always wondered about that. nice breasts is rude Yes No It doesn't sound rude to me. nice anatomy is less rude Why I want to make love your breasts and cumshot all over them is also rude I don't get that. It sounds like a compliment. If a girl came up to me and said she liked my cock--something that's never happened--I'd thank her from now until next year. Of course, I'd also ask her if she'd like to gulp it.Okay, I'm getting away from the point. Brittany Kendall. Came to SCORELAND in 2013. Kinda came and went. Was recommended by a friend who noticed her breasts and thought she should show them to the world. Took his advice, came here and make loveed, too. That's what she's doing in this scene. Fucking.Brittany is from San Diego, California. She says she's quiet and shy. That seems rough to believe from these photos and the video, but shy girls do porn. I've seen it. Still, perhaps their definition of shy is different from ours.Brittany says she has sex twice a week and has make loveed outdoors, in a public bathroom and in a three-way. When she came to our studio, she had sex twice in one day with JMac, once for the photos and again for the video. Then she did it again the next day with another stud. We haven't seen her since. Too bad. But we're glad we got to see her.See More of Brittany Kendall at SCORELAND2.COM!. Kerry marie - hole in the wall Hole In The Wall Based on the notorious video called Hole In The Wall, this matching still set has a lurid, bizarre tone as our damsel comes across a mysterious glory hole through which two cocks emerge for Kerry to get on her knees and play with in blow-by-blow detail. This is probably the closest that Kerry will ever come to giving a sucks on camera. The sleazy lighting and and the claustrophobic camera angles add to the moodiness. The fact that it's Kerry and not any one of a zillion web chicks is what drives this pictorial.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Lilith - xtra-private session Xtra-Private Session Lilith is having some naughty phone sex when the batteries in her dildo go bad. Rather than use her fingers to cumshot to orgasm, Lilith tells a have sexual intercourse buddy to get his anus over to her place and fast, and have sexual intercourse her elegant and deep.Voluptuous magazine editors interviewed former exotic dancer Lilith during her heyday as a SCORE Group model. She was a lot of fun.V-Mag: What satisfies you the best Forget about the guy.Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just have sexual intercourse. V-Mag: Any favorite positionsLilith: Any and all. Nothing special.V-Mag: Are you bi-curious about other women Have you ever gone with a womanLilith: Not completely. I had a girl eat my pussy once. I liked it.V-Mag: Have other dancers in your club hit on youLilith: A lot of the girls in my club are inviting straight. Other clubs, yeah, I've had that a lot. But I prefer guys. See More of Lilith at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!.
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