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Angelique - out-of-sequin angelique Out-of-Sequin Angelique It's not long before Angelique is out of her pink-sequined gown and expanded out on the settee. But by no expand of the imagination is that all she does. All of the devilish Angelique is on display to give you a workout. This pictorial was shot especially to exercise your eye muscles and that's no cockeyed statement. But we're sure there are other muscles you might want to exercise. Angelique will make you want to do push-ups! Keep your chin up, we guarantee you'll have great-balls-of-fire as Angelique heats up the action! See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Siri - triple play Triple play This was the only threesome we did with Siri, who's no longer doing porn scenes. We were one of the first to shoot this beauty in 2012, when she was new and eager. I wrote this for SCORELAND:The shipping and handling guys at SCORE's warehouse spend a large amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know every magazine, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It's large when employees really know the products and study them for countless hours.One day, we had a temp worker assisting the guys. She looked amazingly like Siri. In order to expedite the work flow, Siri shows them how she blows two men at the same time, thus cutting down on time and effort. She explains how employees can increase their teamwork: they can fuck her mouth and cunt at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs. She'll teach these lazy bums the benefits of being massive at work. A Scandinavian-American knockout, Siri is from Minnesota and looks every inch of a blonde Swedish-American knockout but with bigger boobs than most girls of her ancestry.I can be good and dirty. I am a little bit dirty, actually, Siri said in her first interview at SCORELAND. And she has two brown belts in Karate. She really scored a knockout with SCORE guys. See More of Siri at SCORELAND2.COM!. Angela gets oily Angela gets oily Here are some prime excerpts from our first interview with Angela. It was conducted back in 2003 when she was 18 years old and visited our studio in Miami, Florida for the first time. Feel free to read it before or after you enjoy these photos of Angela all oiled up and plugging her sweet, young pussy.  SCORELAND: What kind of guys do you like Angela: I like the traits in a guy that most women hate. I like the way they're dirty and smelly and just want to fuck. If I wanted something else, I'd go out with a woman. But I do like a guy who will be stern with me but still let me get my own way. SCORELAND: You must have a high sex drive. Do you jerk-off a lot Angela: Yeah, I have to or I'd go insane! I have a really high sex drive. Most of my boyfriends haven't been able to keep up with it so I usually end up having to enjoyment myself. I have a lot of vibrators and ticklers to help me along the way. SCORELAND: Describe your perfect day or evening. Angela: It would consist of a huge shopping spree at someone else's expense then orgasm home and getting a charming, long massage followed by a night of chocolate, sex and ice cream. SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on Angela: When I go out on a date with a guy, I expect to be treated like a princess. I want flowers, chocolates and gifts and car doors opened for me. I like to be taken out to dinner somewhere romantic.Then, if you do that right, you can have anything you want in the bedroom. SCORELAND: What are your hobbies Angela: I collect pulp magazines, I love doing up and polishing my hot-rod, listening to music, going out with friends and shopping, shopping and more shopping! I'm the biggest shopaholic. SCORELAND: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you Angela: I'm not sure, but, my doctor once told me that I had a charming cervix!  That was code. The doctor was telling her she had a charming pussy. She does. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angelique's diamonds Angelique's Diamonds Angelique is astonishing in a lacy one-piece, stockings and heels, all highlighted by diamond earrings, bracelet and ring. She puts her finger to her lips: Sssh, be very, very quiet. But she ain't huntin' wabbits with these karats. Though screwing like a bunny might be on her mind. Especially when she ends up naked on her back with those bedroom eyes! This is a gem of a British photo set and you'll soon be as heavy as Angelique's diamonds!See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Barbie kelley - make love my wife, please! Have sexual intercourse my wife, please! You'd be lucky to find me wearing any clothes around the house, said Barbie Kelley, the stacked wife of a devoted SCORE reader.She must have meant unlucky. We'd be very lucky to find Barbie naked around the house or anywhere.I am a very sexual being, Barbie added. I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week. My favorite sex position is whichever position is driving us to the brink. Not knowing what position I will end up in is an lascivious in itself. When I give a blow job, I am a swallower for the most part. Occasionally when there's a camera around or if I am just being a little naughty, I will play with his cum.I have had sex in public. It was at a roadside park. I happened to have some toys in the car, and when we stopped, I began to play with myself using one of my favorite vibrators. My husband had to get out of the car and stand by my window to block other people from seeing me at one point. When traffic in the parking lot slowed down, we managed to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms with the sun shining down on us. We drove away with a smile on our faces.In this scene, Barbie is a horny wife (no fiction there) whose husband (again, no fiction; this is Barbie's real-life hubby) brings home a new employee. The employee sees Barbie walking around in barely nothing and gets to have sexual intercourse her. With hubby's blessing, of course. Again, no fiction there. good guy, this Mr. Kelley, sharing his curvy wife with the world.See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND2.COM!. Tawny peaks - bralessrella Bralessrella Wham! Pow! Plop! Zowie! By day, Tawny Peaks is a mild-manned woman-about-town, but by nightm she dons the lust-inducing costume of Bralessrella! She's a real wonder woman who is the scourge of all who would deny adults the right to view sexual images. Fortunately, her super-endowments cause even her most-hardened foes to melt between her smothering talents! They succumb to her charms and become her most hard-on allies in her crusade for lust! Join her battle for the freedom of expression and view this photo set.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. A japanese bikini beauty crosses the pacific A Japanese Bikini Beauty Crosses The Pacific It's nearly 14 hours in the air alone from Tokyo, Japan to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi did this trip for the sheer enjoyment of SCORE Men eager to enjoy the delicious face and cute body of this Asian wonder girl. This is her first group get-together with other SCORE Girls and certainly not her last. This United Nations of all-naturals is an amazing sight. On this, her first trip outside her native Japan, Hitomi enjoys group dinners and lunches, sings karaoke with Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, revels in the sights of Puerto Vallarta and much more. Today, Hitomi wears a tight mini-skirt and tank-top. Underneath these feminine adornments, a skimpy bikini. And underneath that, pure paradise! Hitomi speaks little English or Spanish so we've flown in a translator with Hitomi to expand her comfort zone. Because SCORE is all about first-class with SCORE girls.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Kerry marie - slumber party Slumber Party Gadzooks and egad! What the bloody hell has Kerry pulled out of the box The damned thing looks like...a Doc Johnson love doll! Kerry has to blowjob it up with her mouth since the buggers didn't include a pump. beautiful thing she likes to blowjob, Kerry observes. She has the lung power to do it. Now this is a first in the history of BustyKerryMarie. Our English cupcake blowjobing up a plastic doll. She has something horny in mind. There's a naughty gleam in her eyes. It's gonna be a night to remember, says Kerry. You can see by the vid caps what's going to happen!  See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. High-energy hottie High-Energy Hottie Slovakian hottie Patty Michova debuted in 2013. We've seen her wipe out two guys in threesomes, leaving porn studs exhausted in her wake. She takes pride in that talent. Now Patty's back for more after an absence of just over two years, looking as trim and horny as she did in the beginning.   I'm glad to be back at SCORE...the pictures and the videos come out big and I enjoyed seeing myself in the magazine, explained Patty. She speaks little English but she's fluent in German (she lives in Austria) and our interpreter speaks Slovak. All of the photographers have told us Patty's a doll and down-to-earth.  I really enjoy what I do. This is fun and delighting to me. I am treated well, I get to travel all over Europe, I have the best, always different sex experiences and I am compensated well. Work, to me, is the hard, boring labors of a factory girl or a shop girl who does the same thing every day all week and goes home tired. I want to say I have been very fortunate.  Next up: Patty models a horny dress for a ass call. She doesn't stay dressed for long.See More of Patty Michova at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - large busted and proud Great Busted And Proud Breast-men agree. Nicole Peters has excellent taste in clothes, bras, knickers and shoes. If they don't agree, all they need to do is look at this new pictorial. Here is a work of living art. If only Leonardo da Vinci could have met and sculpted Nicole in marble. Leo really missed out on a masterpiece.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Jordynn luxxx - who's the boss Who's The Boss Male power over women is the name of the game in Who's The Boss starring horny, young sexbomb Jordynn LuXXX. Tarzan needs a plaything. Jordynn fits the bill, and she fits the skintight pants and bustier he wants her to wear.Spanking her heavy bum and making her spank her own bum, Tarzan demands she call him Sir at all times except when Jordynn's throat is filled with his beef-banana in any position he desires her to be in. She's going to be ravished during this boudoir banging, her heavy breasts fucked, her shaved kitty stuffed. Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, wet, suc sounds, music to the ears.Jordynn's a willing slave to her master, but there are no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. heavy and rough sex are what's being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.Jordynn will be watching this scene.I love seeing me take that dick, she said. She's watched her solo videos with her husband (I am completely submissive to my daddy.), and she's watched her XXX videos alone. Maybe that will change.See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kelly kay - buzz buddy blue Buzz Buddy Blue What breast lovers say about Kelly: She's a babe! I think with time, she could become a true legend. If she hangs around for a few years, Kelly Kay could be a real superstar. She has magnificent tits with wonderfully great and puffy aereolae. Don't let her get away! Schedule Kelly Kay for as many photo layouts as possible because too much of her will still not be enough. Your continued support of Kelly will ensure that.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Terry nova - drill team Drill Team One of the 20 greatest naturals of SCORE, Terry Nova is looking sexier than ever in this scene. The average person would never guess Terry's a porn star if they looked at her. Besides her mind-blowing anatomy and wrap-around boobs (she could tit-fuck a tree trunk), Terry has a very approachable way about her. There is a warmth and sincerity that she projects in her photos. More Terry is never enough Terry. Many consider her one of the hottest SCORE Girls of them all. In this fresh set, Terry models exciting lingerie, wraps herself in chains and fucks her pussy with a toy.We hope to have Terry back and on her back fuck again soon.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey overheated Linsey Overheated I was lucky to see Linsey arriving at London's Luton airport, writes Mr. G. The queue at immigration did not seem quite so bad because of the boner I had from gazing at the lovely Linsey. She was as luscious as I had hoped and incredibly petite. I was delighted to discover that she had not just been a figment of my imagination for the last few years. Having seen Linsey, I couldn't wait to get home to check out the website.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Tiffany towers - here she goes again Here She Goes Again At first glance, Tiffany, in this white number, by that piano...well, she looks like Tawny Kitaen in that Whitesnake video where she is sprawled out on those cars, looking like sex on a platter. Here, Tiffany looks like sex on a piano! She could definitely tickle something in your pants, not just those ivories. Not all of you are music lovers, but we are sure you could learn to appreciate it, especially if your piano lesson came from Ms. Towers. With her huge tits and sweet face, who wouldn't want to make pretty music with her See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Mistress autumn Femdom Autumn This is a way different look for Autumn. Her innocence and country girl appearance plays against the lusty, busty, mean femdom without mercy who's ready to kick the crap out of willing guys. That spiked collar--ouch! Those thigh-high boots. It hurts already. But, maybe playing against type works once in a while. Autumn had fun doing this pictorial at SCORE HQ, although making stern expressions wasn't easy for her. That winsome, perky Autumn smile is always ready to break through. She'd never dress this way in real life, but this is play life. If Autumn-Jade wasn't such a phenomenal model, this pictorial wouldn't be half as sexy.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sheridan love - takin' it to the streets Takin' It To The Streets Hey, great spender, spend some time with the Love Goddess because Sheridan Love's gonna take it to the streets and the back alleys in her tight dress and kickin' boots. While Sheridan has a violent collection of heels, we usually don't see Sheridan in boots. I even wear high heel sneakers at the gym, Sheridan said. If Sheridan had her way, she'd be naked in boots. I am a nudist whenever possible. It's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a sweet thing no matter what shape or size. Sheridan's got us hooked. The streets are quiet tonight but she finds a way to cum.See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Three cheers for for bella rios! Three Cheers For For Bella Rios! Bella is so young, so pretty. She's only 19 years old, from Syracuse, New York, and she works in-get this!--a pizzeria. I make the pizza, she says. I can spin the pizza on my fingers. I'm very sweet with my hands. As we're about to find out. But first, Bella shows off her 36-24-34 body with B-cup tits and small but round, firm anal. I was a cheerleader in high school and I still do a lot of dancing, so that's how I keep my anal and legs firm, Bella said. I've never had any complaints. Complaints Who's going to complain when Bella has her hands around your rough cock, turning soft dough into rough wood.See More of Bella Rios at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Karina hart - please shoot off on the piano player Please shoot off on the piano player Is it vertical stripes that make a person look bigger Or is it horizontal stripes Doesn't matter with Karina, who looks super-stacked no matter which way the stripes are going (although judging by the sweater she's wearing here, we're going to guess that it's horizontal stripes that super-size). Okay, now that we have those questions out of the way, the next question is, Can Karina play the piano The answer: No, but who cares I would like to be able to play, Karina said. I have always admired people with creative talents. Karina has creative talents. She has the ability to make cruel cocks out of soft ones. She has the ability to jam massive dildos inside her small, tight pussy. Although the dildo she's using here is a little thinner and a lot longer than the others we've seen her with. I prefer width to length, Karina said, but it is more important that a man knows how to use what he has. Yeah, we've heard that a thousand times. Notice the sincere look of delight on Karina's face as she works the fuck toy in and out of her beautiful cunt. How can I not enjoy it she asked. Wouldn't you enjoy it if you were playing with your penis Uh, yeah. We are. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Nicole peters - 100% babe 100% Babe Who gets your drive heavy Who makes you want to un-zip your flies Here's another pictorial you'll want to savor like the treasure it is. No clothing to open with, this time, as Nicole starts off straightaway in a traditional lacey bra, the best kind a girl can wear. Nicole has a difficult time finding proper fitting bras. Unfortunately, she is not taking applications for a bra-shopping assistant to accompany her on her trips to lingerie stores.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Dolly fox - super fox Super Fox J.H. writes Scorecard, I have been a SCORE fan for many years since the L.A. Bust days. Dolly Fox reminds me of past SCORE Girls like Morgan Leigh, Danielle Derek, Puma, Alexia Moore and, more recently, Sandra Star, Katie Thornton, Tigerr Benson, Sheridan Love, Mia Khalifa, Brook Ultra, Alyssa Lynn and Desiree Vega. Very trim but curvy and horny with flat waists, well-formed legs and great balloons. Not an ounce of fat on them. Exactly the kind of bodies that I jack to.I don't wear bras most of the time. Only with pretty clothes and sometimes for shoots, says the January 2016 SCORE covergirl. It was Dolly's dream to be on the cover of SCORE. Only when the mag was being printed did Dolly get the news. So she can now cross that off her to-do list and look forward to succeeding in more of her goals.This Super Fox pictorial is the photo set that was published in that issue. Wrote editor Dave: Dolly, who lives in Belgium, might not be at her bustiest. She plans to go greatger at the end of the year. 'More is better. I never try to hide my boobs,' she said. 'I like to show what I have, and there is no better place to show what I have than in SCORE magazine. Whenever I go out, I always show my cleavage in tight tops and wear short dresses and high heels.'See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Sweet & juicy Pleasant & Juicy My God, this woman is nothing short of spectacular! writes Tom, a longtime XL Girls member.   Mia's a web-cam model and posing for XL Girls was her first time at a photo studio. She enjoyed the experience. It was fun! said Mia.  XLGirls: Mia, do you like looking in a mirror during sex  Mia: I have never watching myself having sex. I think I might make strange faces Laughs.  XLGirls: Do you like to talk dirty in bed  Mia: Yes. I love to dirty talk in bed!  XLGirls: Do you have any special sexual fantasies  Mia: I have never had sex in water so I would like to try that. See More of Mia pleasantheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina hart - an ordinary bikini, an extraordinary girl An Ordinary Bikini, An Extraordinary Girl First, we'd like to point out that Karina's bikini top isn't as small as her big boobs make it look. It would fit quite comfortably on a girl with B-cup boobs, covering not only her nipples but most of her boobs, too. But, of course, Karina doesn't have B-cup boobs, and her rack makes that bikini top look ridiculous. Which, of course, is the idea. How come you never let me wear bikinis that fit Karina said, smiling. Oh, it fits, Karina. It fits just the way we want it to. Later, Karina's boobs pour out of her top, then she lays down and starts drilling her lovely cunt with a shiny metallic make love toy. Ooooh, it's so cold! Karina exclaimed as she slid the make love stick into her warm cunt. But Karina's cunt has magical warming powers, and before long, she's drilling away at her cunt, forgetting about the camera as her boobs jiggle magically. It's another voluminous day at More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Double-plugged Double-plugged You'd think having a pair of G-cup tits would be enough for any girl. And Angela's naturals look amazing in this red, tight, low-cut top. Her bum looks damn pretty in those cutoffs, too. And you're gonna love how she's plugging her vagina and bumhole with toys.  But back to those tits...can't she just be satisfied with what she has  I've been mbumaging my boobs constantly to make them grow largeger but that does nothing, it seems. Does anyone have any suggestions for me Angela said.  Angela's interest in large tits goes beyond the delight they provide others. When she learned that the University of Wollongong was working on a Smart Bra, she applied for work as an experimental subject. Unfortunately, the Smart Bra prototype is smaller than a G-cup, so they can't use me, she said. But I was given the contact information of another scientist who is doing experiments on the movement of boobs, so maybe something will come from that.  Yeah, probably. He'll get a hard-on and want to ejaculate on her tits. Just like the rest of us. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. The many sides of mirabella amore The many sides of Mirabella Amore When this scene opens, Jimmy is already playing with 44-year-old Mirabella's tits, and she seems to be on the verge of cumshotming. Maybe that's because he has his hand on her cunt, too, and she has her hand on his cock.  Can you blow on my nipple, baby Mirabella asks in her excited voice. Play with my clit. My cunt is getting wet for you.  Jimmy is the kind of guy who doesn't have to be asked twice. He fuck Mirabella in her first-ever porno scene here at In this scene, Mirabella shows how comfortable she is on-camera. She talks dirty. There's a three-way mirror, so we get to see her getting fuck from a variety of angles. It adds to the hotness factor, and Mirabella knows it.  She also knows what we want. Jimmy cumshots on her face. The cumshot drips off her nose and down her chin. She blows the cumshot off his cock-head. When we talk about hot, mature, big-titted blondes, we're talking about women like Mirabella.  Mirabella was born in Georgia. She now lives in South Florida. She's been a stripper. Now she's a care-giver, and the guy she cares for is the one who sent her our way. Hmmmm...exactly what kind of care is Mirabella giving  Mirabella likes romantic guys who put her on a pedestal. She enjoys swimming and walking her dog. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here (although we can think of a few people who wouldn't be surprised). We asked her if she's into any fetishes, and she said, I'm starting to explore what they are.  Explore with us, Mirabella.See More of Mirabella Amore at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sarenna lee - the seven year itch The Seven Year Itch The city: London.The place: The John Graham Studio, where many famous SCORE models made their impact upon a world starving for huge-boobed beauties. SaRenna's all-white ensemble is pure men's-mag fantasy material: the traditional lacey bra, the corset, stockings, suspenders (garters) and the fuck-me shoes. Speaking of one of our favorite subjects, we spoke to SaRenna about that object we hold dear: bras. SCORE: Do you have to wear an underwire SaRenna: I have one bra without underwire, which is really comfortable, but I prefer underwire because it gives me a little more support.SCORE: Do they always clip in the back or have you found bras that clip in the frontSaRenna: Mine always clip in the back because I need so many clips for support. The more clips, the more support you have, and I just think a lot of clips wouldn't be attractive in the front. If I was a one-clipper, yeah. One-clippers are good in the front, but I'm not one.SCORE: How many clips for youSaRenna: Four or five. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. My guy wants this My Guy Wants This Lives: Parkland, Florida; Occupation: Unemployed; Age: 18; Born: April 15; Ht: 5'4; Wt: 126 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: probably way too much.  I thought that I'd find some kinda job when I graduated high school, but I can't, Rebecca said. My folks won't let me work in any fast food restaurant, so that limits things. I'm not going to college; that would be a dead waste of money and time. So, when my folks are at work, I hang out in the sun, go to the mall, watch TV...or have sex. My boyfriend goes to college not far away, so he often comes over during the day so we can screw. He'd heard about the website so we checked it out one day, and I started thinking about doing a stud with a big dick. Thinking about it led to diddling myself and imagining it, and now here I am! My guy's all for it. He can't wait to check me out online. I bet that leads to some voluminous sex.See More of Rebecca Ivy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Dream doll One thousand times more pleasant (with a more pleasant body) than any Hollywood actress, Katie Thornton would be tough competition in any professional beauty contest but she chose big-bust modeling of the nude kind and we're grateful. If there was an action figure doll of her, we'd buy it.  The girl from Colne, Lancashire England and owner of a beauty salon says she has the soul of a gypsy and the heart of a hippie and calls herself a passport stamp collector. She's always travelling and whenever she's heading to Miami, she never fails to let SCORE know she's on her way.  This time, Katie gets lacey in a swanky Miami house and as always, Katie rules. A celebrity in the UK, SCORE's doing its part to make Katie better known in the USA. She deserves a lot more attention. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Terry nova - tropic of titties Tropic of Titties Nothing beats a cool, refreshing splash of coconut milk over a huge pair of swaying breasts and Terry Nova will agree with you. It's a lot better than freezing her breasts off in the cold back in Prague! Terry was really at home here. I would rather spend my time half naked on a beach in the tropics than have to go out during the fall and winter at home, Terry said through a translator. She was definitely born to be a curvy island girl, romping through the surf and playing with her coconuts!Wrote SCORE editor Dave, who spent a lot of time with Terry in Eleuthera: Terry doesn't speak any English. But she gets this mischievous glint in her eyes at even the suggestion of sex. She's the one who can be seen checking out her own rack most often, as if she's fascinated by it. She's the one who wears tight backside shorts that go right up the crack up her ass. She's the one who opens her mouth in just such a way that says, 'I want to have intercourse you. I want your cock between my breasts.'  See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey's wild ride Linsey's Wild Ride Part two of LDM's first SCORE Magazine Interview (publication date March 1999). Conducted by an editor via telephone. It ends with a bang.Two days later: Your international call can not be completed at this time...The next day...SCORE: Linsey let's talk titties!LINSEY: Love to, but can we do it another day I'm on my way to go dancing. Tomorrow, okaySCORE: Tomorrow it is.Two days later...SCORE: Hallelujah! Linsey, I've gotten your answering service twice, the phone lines didn't connect other times. Let's do this, okayLINSEY: I know, I know. I've been so busy. But, I have time now.SCORE: While I have you, I'm not going to muck around with any small talk, okay...let's do some phrase association. I'll say a word, you tell me what you think...TITFUCKINGLINSEY: nice activity! large exercise! For me and him.SCORE: Do you like itLINSEY: Of course, except sometimes a guy can get lost in my babies. But, I'm beautiful at it. I'm beautiful at everything, especially that. You have to rotate around and around him, you know. I like to do all the action!SCORE: Since you're beautiful at everything, how about...BLOWJOBS!LINSEY: Hmmm Deepthroat! That's what comes into my head when I hear that phrase! Down to my stomach!SCORE: But, you've never done porn. Or, have you There was one video...LINSEY: That video wasn't porn. It was all simulated. My ex-boyfriend and I did a film, but we really didn't do anything. It was rubbish. Total crap. You don't see anything at all.SCORE: So, when you came in that video you were just fakingLINSEY: Yes. And laughing a lot. I'm no beautiful at faking, I'm afraid, because I'm used to the real thing.SCORE: What's a guy need to do to get the real thingLINSEY: You wouldn't. Not on the first night. Or even the first month. Probably longer than that, because I'm a beautiful girl. I like to get to know a man. I think that makes sex better. I think the longer you wait, the more you've built yourself into a frenzy. When it finally happens, you explode. Plus, men respect you more when you make them wait.SCORE: But, sometimes we're just horny. One beer is too long of a wait.LINSEY: Sometimes I get horny, too. But, you don't have to have sex to sort that out. I'd bet you any money it would be much better if we waited before we had sex. That's when the stars start moving for you and the fireworks go off.SCORE: Let's try another phrase...MASTURBATION!LINSEY: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right Do I play with myself a lot Not more than any other girl... or boy. Could you hold on for one minute Did you just hit my carSCORE: Somebody hit your carLINSEY: Yes, can you believe that No, you did hit my car. I felt it. And I saw you in the mirror! I'm sorry, I have to go. Somebody has hit my car...And so, LDM's first official SCORE Magazine interview concluded with a bang. But not the kind of bang that anyone welcomes. Now the timing of the publication of this interview on LinseysWorld and the publication of this automobile set is entirely coincidental. Please note that Linsey is actually not driving in this pictorial. Yet, we cannot help but wonder what would have happened if she had been driving.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Angelica raven - bbefore she was angelica raven, she was busty becky/b Before she was Angelica Raven, she was busty Becky Before she became porn star Angelica Raven, she was beautiful girl busty Becky. This was her first video, an up-close and personal wank scene. When she came back to SCORE a full year later, we talked about the change and more.My boobs stayed about an A-cup-ish until 7th grade, when they shot up to a double-D, then I gained the last cup size during my freshman year in high school. I'd say that the growth was definitely rapid.When her big tits really came in, how did her male teachers reactI'd say that, for the most part, they treated me like any other student, however, one particular male teacher did seem to be a little more gentle around me. I swear, every so often when he walked by my desk, I'd catch him looking down my blouse or, when he was at his desk, he was trying to look up my skirt. I know for a fact that I caught him looking at my legs! Too bad he didn't act on it. I really had a crush on him.Favorite busty modelsLilith. I really liked her because she reminds me more of myself and, conceited though it is, I really find that to be a turn on. And Annie Swanson. I'm sorry, but if you actually need a reason, you must be blind!Becoming Angelica Raven and saying buh-bye to busty Becky:I realized that at some point I was going to have to cross over into hardcore if I was ever going to make it, and I figured that it was about time I did something to establish the difference between me as Angelica Raven versus me as busty Becky. I wanted to be able to model as who I really am and not hide any portion of my personality and, let's face it, as busty Becky, I was the sweet, innocent, girl next door. That's great, and it was an uber-fun character to play, not to mention easy because that's who I really did used to be, but, deep down, it's not who I really am now. I'm not sweet, innocent and shy anymore; I'm a lot more sassy, wild and naughty now, not to mention a huge smartass. I'm more of a party girl now than I was back then, and I'm much more in touch with my sexual side than I used to be.See More of Angelica Raven at SCORELAND2.COM!. Arianna sinn - how to succeed in business without really trying How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying There are many ways to become a successful executive. You can work hard. You can try to impress your boss. You can kiss your boss's anus every which way. You can come up with a big idea, something really innovative.Or you can have big tits and display them in blouses that are mostly unbuttoned. That's the route Arianna Sinn has obviously taken in these photos. Can you imagine having a boss with a rack like hersArianna's huge, fleshy G-cups and full, soft thighs look especially enticing in these photos, and although she's very professional looking, she has a very soft, nice look about her.I have a very difficult time acting like a slut because I am not a slut, Arianna said. I don't think I would make a very appealing boss. I think I would make a better secretary. I am very expert at serving men.Actually, we think Arianna would make a big boss. We'd never be afraid of being called into her office. We'd always be willing to work nights. And we'd gladly kiss her anus...and her tits. And we'd always work hard. Always hard!See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Dylan ryder - sex in the office Sex In The Office By our calculations, using the most advanced computers our IT office can find, corporate office sex is happening in every country hundreds of thousands of times a day. Not just in offices but in rest rooms, utility closets, conference rooms and stairwells. No area of a corporation's work space is off-limits to canoodling except for IT offices. The office sex girls here are Dylan Ryder and Jolie Rain. In this SCORELAND video double-feature, they can't wait for 5 o'clock. They want to get boned and they want it now. See More of Dylan Ryder at SCORELAND.COM!. Busty dusty - bad girl Bad Girl Dusty rocks a fantasy biker chick outfit in this pictorial shot in 1991, when she was still known as Rocky Raquel. Even with her mega-boobs, Dusty has always come across as more of a girl-next-door, but here, she proves she can be naughty and very nice. She gets on all fours on the steps, pulls her G-string aside and seems to be saying, fuck me from behind! She gives us the peek-a-boo look between her legs as if to say, Do you want some, bad boy Always.See More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Vanessa y - putting the show in shower Putting The Show In Shower My life in Poland is very boring, says a happy Vanessa Y. That's why I model! Vanessa is about to do something that will make some bush men unhappy. But don't be upset. It grows back easily. I live in a small village. There is not much excitement. Every weekend I watch Formula One racing on TV. Vanessa also likes to ride horses. Imagine all that bouncing going on. Vanessa likes chicks and guys. Breast size doesn't matter. She's gotten it on with small-chested girls and big-boobed girls and says that she is attracted to the bigger-breasted girls. That attraction showed in her pool game with Joana! See More of Vanessa Y. at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Roxi red - follow the bouncing boobs Follow The Bouncing boobs body award winner Roxi Red has a lot to give starting with her massive naturals, a pair of the biggest mamazonian marvels in the world. When it comes to jacking, blowjob, make love and milking boners, Roxi is all-in for SCORELAND guys as Peter learns in this scene. Roxi watches her videos on SCORELAND and enjoys them. She'll watch them alone and jerk-off or she'll watch them with a guy. If I'm watching one with a date, he'll start touching my boobs and blowjob on my nipples before we get halfway through a video. They get so hot and that gets me hot. Sex on the first date It depends on the person and the situation.I get asked out a lot and I do get recognized in public. It's massive to hide these. Even when I'm wearing something that doesn't show how big my boobs are, like a very big blouse, sometimes men will look at me like they think they've seen me before. I can tell by their eye contact and their expression.SexyGreg writes, Oh, Roxi I love you! Every time I see a new video of you I have to jerk off two times. Can't wait for the next one. My dream is to be with you. Boobhound says There are no more superlatives, not enough adjectives remaining for Roxi. All I can continue to say is wow! And keep the Roxi updates coming, SCORE. We can never get us enough Roxi Red!See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Sandra star - the working man's ultimate fantasy The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy or how I got to screw Sandra Star while screwing in a light bulb. Dellon may be Mr. Electrician but it's Sandra who sets off the sparks and has the power. Called over to Sandra's place to fix a lamp, this electrician gets shocked by the sight of beautiful, busty Sandra and her jaw-dropping figure.Work done, Mr. Electrician gets called over by Sandra and invited to share couch space with her. She drops her dress and shows him what she's got, almost shorting out his circuitry. He's more jolted than if he had stuck his screwdriver in a live outlet. More sparks fly when Sandra invites him to have sexual intercourse her right there on the couch.After playing with her large breasts and getting the delighting of a Sandra Star sucking, he licks her out and gets pussy-drunk on her snatch juices. He's on the company clock but Sandra's got his dick as cruel as a rock. She wants the large boy now. It paid off to go to trade school instead of a liberal arts college.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - book bird Book Bird There's something about a girl wrapped in a man's white dress shirt that does it for many. And Linsey Dawn has it in spades. Some black tie affair must have been wrapping up. Only she's still wearing it. And just when Linsey is about to hunker down comfortably with a book, socks on her footsies to keep them warm and toasty, up pops the ever-present photographer, fiddling with his lights, knobs and what-not. Obviously trying to interfere with her. It's a miracle a girl can get any reading done around here.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bunny brooks - hop on over to bunny's place Hop on over to Bunny's place I'm a cam model so I enjoy using vibrators and machines, said Bunny Brooks, a SCORELAND2 newcomer who really enjoys her own breasts and cunt. I have a have sexual intercourse machine. It thrusts. Multiple glass toys. Double dildos. Strap-ons. A sex swing. You name it, I have everything except a Sybian, which is next on my list.Bunny is from Atlanta, Georgia. We found her camming on the Internet and asked her if she wanted to show off her breasts and cunt for a class outfit. She accepted.Nude modeling is just something new and libidinous for me, she said. I'm dipping my fingers in a few different things and seeing what I like.She's dipping her fingers inside her cunt, that's for sure.I stripped for two years before I found a banner on a website, and I clicked it, and it took me to a web page, and I started watching all these girls, she said. I said to myself, 'This can't be real,' so I looked into it a little more and signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping and just did cam modeling.Now she's in the big-time and doing real modeling, showing off those big naturals for all the world to see. Enjoy. She did.See More of Bunny Brooks at SCORELAND2.COM!. Alexya - the allure of alexya The Allure of Alexya Being Alexya's next-door-neighbor would definitely have its perks, as these pictures prove. The whole neighborhood would come out to see this sophisticated brunette trim her hedges. At least the menfolk, if not their wives. Wonder if she has a swimming pool, too.I can see where men are looking. It makes me feel good, says soft-spoken Alexya. I need to dress carefully when I go out. If I wear a dress with a top that shows too much, then I need to have someone with me.Alexya talks sex.Sometimes I have sex two or three times a day, sometimes two or three times a week. It depends on if I have the time. I would very much like to have sex with a boyfriend and a few other men. If I have a boyfriend, I like to put on a show for him with jack-off first.See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Holly wood - the hot hooters of a horny haircutter The Hot Hooters Of A exciting Haircutter If you've ever had a buxom hairstylist thrusting her breasts in your face as she clipped away, you've probably daydreamed about banging her. A haircut with Holly Wood is a wood raising experience as Tony finds out after staring at her large boobs that were inches away from his face. busty Bunny Ranch babe Holly is new to SCORELAND but she's a relaxed and eager natural at nude modeling and sex on-camera. Her amazing anal cheeks were also ripe for an appearance at and an upcoming DVD, big ass White Chicks 6.SCORELAND: How was the first time you posed naked for a photographer Did you like it right away What did you think when you first saw your nude photosHolly: I was actually 19 when I first posed naked. I loved it instantly! It felt natural to me, and I did many shoots over the years! It was more artistic nude than glamour at the time. But it was always a very fun experience and something I look back on fondly to this day.SCORELAND: Do you go to nude resorts Are you comfortable with public nudity Holly: I am totally a nudist! Some of my closest friends live on the nude resort that I frequent when I am home in California! It's amazing and liberating to walk around and hang out without clothes on.SCORELAND: Did you ever dance in strip clubsHolly: Once or twice. It is not my strong point, really. I did however work for a private company and do bachelor parties at homes for years in California. It was much more fun and personal than a giant club with 20-30 girls as competition. Me and my friend were the main, and only attraction, and made money from every single guy!SCORELAND: Have you watched your videos or looked at your photos with a guy What was his reaction Holly: Most people are shocked when they realize I'm a porn star. You can see the excitement grow as their eyes light up! SCORELAND: Can you deep throat Holly: I have a gag reflex that I haven't been able to get rid of. SCORELAND: What do you think is the largegest penish you have deep throatedHolly: It depends on how turned on I am and after a couple of drinks I tend to be able to relax more and handle more down my throat.See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's dressed for sex, and you're in control Arianna's Dressed For Sex, And You're In Control Now that you've seen Arianna sucks and fuck a real cock, you're probably wondering, What will she do for an encore Well, we can tell you that there'll be more hardcore Arianna very soon on But now, for something completely different, here's Arianna's most unusual, most shocking pictorial yet. She's wearing hot-pink fishnet pantyhose, a waist cincher and fuck-me pumps and has black duct tape criss-crossing her nipples. But that's only part of what makes these photos (and the matching video) special.She's wearing a dog collar.She's completely submissive.And she's doing some very edgy stuff, like drinking milk from a dog bowl.This is our secret, she says. Can I feel pleasure Please, master! Will you allow me to feel pleasure, master PleaseWe say let her. But it's your call.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. A lot upstairs A Lot Upstairs Holy hose! Where does Merilyn buy those traffic-stopping clothes Even if she never tells, we're extremely grateful she likes to dress like that. Merilyn enjoys these staircase photo shoots which, out of necessity, have to be mostly vertical shots. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Katie thornton - sun goddess Sun Goddess We rarely spot a girl in Miami who comes close to Katie Thornton's brand of slim and super-stacked and we're always on the look-out. There are no Hollywood actresses who come close to her. She's the very definition of the spectacular, pleasant blonde bombshell. Wearing a little sundress and heels, Katie treats us to another show, this one at a swanky house by the water. Totally Miami. If I came into a lot of money, I would buy a home in Miami and a super-fast car and give the rest to my family, Katie said.Back in the UK, I get recognized a lot. We like to go out to clubs in the UK and the tab photographers are always outside taking pictures. I've started to get more recognized in Europe, like Spain. The paparazzi will follow me if I'm in the street. In the States, it's starting to happen a little bit too. I was in LA and a guy turned around and asked me if I'm Katie Thornton. It might be a cliche but photos do not do Katie justice. The best compliment I've ever heard was that I look like Drew Barrymore. The best way a guy can get my attention is to make me laugh. That's always a bonus. If you can do that, you're halfway there.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Ines cudna - orgasm clean to get dirty Orgasm Clean To Get Dirty Ines invites us to watch as she showers. How many women in your life have made that offer This princess, this angel, cleanses and refreshes her precious body in preparation for another photo shoot. She washes her tits so they're pleasant and clean for you to suck, then she turns the showerhead on her pristine pussy. She knows that cleanliness is next to boobliness.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn at the bar Autumn At The Bar See that chick over there having a Dry Martini Wow, is she great or what No guy around That's unbelievable. You figure she'd be surrounded by men eager to get her phone number, like thirsty horses crowding each other at a watering hole. That's one hell of a dress. Look at the cleavage on her. She's got enough there for four women. Maybe even five. Wonder what her name is. Hey what's she doing She...she...she's taking off her clothes! She...she's getting naked on top of the bar! What kinda bar is this This is the best place in the world. Hey, she's giving me the eye! Now what... Uh-oh, gotta get back to work. Lunchtime's over. Damn! Gotta come back here again. Wonder if she has a sister...See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - poodle skirt Poodle Skirt Linsey's gone back. Back to the future. She's wearing the poodle skirt, the hair scarf, the cat's eye glasses, the tight titty-blouse and best of all, the bullet bra with pointy cone cups that all the girls and women wore in the 1950's. The kind of bras that gave women super-pointers, jutting and thrusting their headlights forward at a 90 degree angle. Where have these bras gone If Linsey were superimposed into a TechniColor Hollywood movie with James Dean or John Saxon, she'd fit right in. Now alone in her bedroom after class, she waxes romantically about some jerk-wad named Billy who makes her little heart go thumpity-thump-thump and her knickers all soggy. It's a sure bet that Linsey is going to do what her sex-ed teacher warned her not to do. The rampaging hormones of youth will alway triumph over the edicts of a dried up biddy and Linsey has just the right thing for the job. No, not A-hole Billy. A gift from an old pervert named Doc Johnson. Linsey may be the most stacked, curvaceous, hottest babygirl in her school but alone in her room, her horny, wet cunt needs a thick, cruel penish sliding in and out. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - hole in the wall Hole In The Wall Based on the notorious video called Hole In The Wall, this matching still set has a lurid, bizarre tone as our damsel comes across a mysterious glory hole through which two cocks emerge for Kerry to get on her knees and play with in blow-by-blow detail. This is probably the closest that Kerry will ever come to giving a sucks on camera. The sleazy lighting and and the claustrophobic camera angles add to the moodiness. The fact that it's Kerry and not any one of a zillion web chicks is what drives this pictorial.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Sarah satori - eva & sarah's notty adventure Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure This was a large moment for SCORE Model of the Year Eva Notty. And why is that Because I got to fucky-fucky with my friend Sarah Satori, Eva says. Eva and her lusty BBF (Big Boobed Friend) Sarah are breast friends. Bosom buddies. They love smooching, gulp on each other's perky nipples, and licking and flicking their rosebuds. They're so tight, you couldn't slide a sheet of paper between them. Eva wanted to bring Sarah to SCORE and get it on for SCORELAND Guys. Yes, Eva is also into girls. The right girls. Girls as lusty as she is. I really love cock but if it's a woman, I'm really picky, Eva explained. I like her to be the dominant one, says Sarah. That's why she gets to be on top. This girl-sandwich needs some man-meat once the girls have revved their engines. Three is not company. It's the #1 male fantasy in the world and our two sex bombs mean to deliver the goods in Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure!See More of Sarah Satori at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Christy marks - ejaculate along for the ride Cumshot Along For The Ride cumshot along for the ride of your life with Christy and her busty buddies as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at their horse-riding lesson from the feature film busty Riding Academy. This behind-the-scenes footage features Christy (who was the most-experienced rider) along with Jasmine Black, Terry Nova, Christy Klenot, Melissa Mandlikova and Karina Hart. (It was Karina's first time on a horse and she was nervous and scared.) The girls ride around...topless. There is something so wonderful about a hot chick on horseback with her titties bouncing up and down. Just watch and see for yourself. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Valory irene - fantastic plastic bikini Fantastic Plastic Bikini Another space age outfit for Valory, this one a fantastic plastic bikini. She could be one of those hot alien chicks that Kirk and Spock meet on some crazy all-female planet. But although Valory's breasts are voluminous (all-natural FF-cups), with her, it's more a matter of quality than quantity. She has perfectly shaped boobs that slope like a ski-jump, rising gently to pale, speckled, silver-dollar areolae and nipples that always look as if they're going to poke your eyes out. And, although Valory's boobs are perfect, there's more to her than just a great pair. The combination of perfect boobs and an bottom to die for is one that doesn't come along too often, but Valory has it all, wrote L.K. Valory is like a dream except she's 100% real. Amazing. See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Pawg alert PAWG ALERT There's nothin' in the world like a white girl with a phat booty. It's like getting a vanilla sundae topped with fudge and sprinkles when you expected plain old vanilla.  When you get a look at Ryan, it's clear that she isn't vanilla. This chick has excited brown hair with a red tint, milky white skin, girl-next-door looks and an anus that never quits. Just what our boy Johnny likes, and he's more than equipped to complete this banana split.  Ryan goes down on Johnny's tool and tries to swallow every inch. She looks like a girl-next-door, but underneath lurks a filthy whore.  Oh, god, your tool is so big, Ryan moans as she blowjob his tool.  Giving head is just the start, though. Ryan's got an anus that she can put to work.  Jump on this dick, Johnny says.  Ryan eagerly jumps on his tool and works what her mama gave her. She pops and bounces her anus on his tool. Soon after, Johnny turns her around to get a full taste of her anus and bangs her cunt doggy style.  Oh, my god! she says. make love me harder!  Ryan moans like her cunt is being stretched to its limit by Johnny's big tool, but she's loving every minute.  Before this scene ends, Ryan takes a hot and sticky creampie inside her pretty, pink cunt. Now that's a sundae with cream on top.See More of Ryan Smiles at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Alexya - pooling her assets Pooling Her Assets Alexya wearing a bikini We're there like The Flash. She has a body made for hot swimwear. The pool is just an accessory at first but later we get to see her considerable natural boobs float when she goes for a dip. Not a skinny dip. Her butt comes off when she gets out of the spa's pool. Bare, Alexya sits on a deck chair, spreads her legs open and creams her very special body and boobs. Alexya strikes us as the kind of girl who doesn't know what all the excitement is about yet is aware that she has the kind of sex appeal that makes guys who look at her very horny. She's got the magic. This is a girl who spoils men for other girls.Frequent Scorecard letter contributor S.M. picked up on this appeal. Newcomer of the Year winner Alexya did a Bea Flora, but she also did an Anna Song. What do I mean by that Bea and Anna were both thought to be more likely to win SCORE Newcomer of the Year, but they won for V-mag. Both Anna and Bea had bodies more for SCORE, just like Alexya, but is Alexya captivating or what She is one of those special models who doesn't know the power she holds. Her sexuality is raw and natural. There, I said it! See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Katie thornton - tits & bubbles Tits & Bubbles Meet SCORE Newcomer of the Year 2015 Katie Thornton. Katie faced some extremely worthy competition for the votes of members and magazine readers. The first runner-up is Liza Biggs and second runner-up is reader's wife Shelby Gibson. Katie's win was by a very narrow margin. Katie won 19.8 percent of the vote compared to Liza Biggs' 18.2% and Shelby Gibson's 14.3%, according to SCORE editor Dave. Katie's the second Brit to win SCORE Newcomer. Lily Madison won last year.Writes ED Rob, While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as pretty as this one. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie's case somehow manages to sound exotically lusty even to a fellow Brit like me. See More of Katie Thornton at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Alice webb - webb of natural tits Webb of tits It's time to sit back with a beer and look at these pictures of Alice Webb working out. Alice said the funniest thing that ever happened to her at a gym was when a guy approached her and said, Excuse me, I am about to go home and jack-off and I need a name for your face. Alice has a beautiful sense of humor so she thought it was beautiful funny. But how does a guy really get her interest unlike that gym dude That look in his eyes that tells me that he wants me. It can't be faked. Eyes give it all away. I also like to look at a man's fingers. How does Alice dress when she goes out I am a total tomboy, Alice explains. I wear movie T-shirts and a skirt. I always wear a bra. A girl with 40HH natural tits like mine has to. It's a must. I've always been a tomboy. See More of Alice Webb at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tiffany towers - giddy up Giddy Up These photos are of Tiffany Towers in her prime. A time when great bust models reigned supreme. A time when great hair and cowboy boots were all the rage and this blonde Canadian stunner was every man's wet-dream fantasy ejaculate true. Here we see Tiffany as a cowgirl in an outfit that was probably part of her stage show when she was a feature dancer in the early 90s. And who wouldn't want this blue-eyed stunner to saddle up on their dick and go for a ride Slim'n' stacked and sporting a full bush, Tiffany is one of those legendary models with sex appeal for days. And having her spread her charming cookie wide in the desert sunshine is a special treat. See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Angel wicky - sex with a hot angel Sex with a hot Angel When your date is dressed for dinner like Angel Wicky is here, you have a pleasant beautiful shot at getting some pussy later in the evening. Of course, that's not always guaranteed. Some women just like to show off their boobs. They know that boobs are the ultimate fashion accessory, so they wear their boobs like some women might wear a necklace.Angel Wicky:1. Does like to show off her boobs.2. Does know that boobs are the ultimate fashion accessory.3. Does show off her rack on a date when she's super-horny.So it doesn't always have to be one or the other. Here, Angel and Thomas are on a date. They're at a restaurant. There doesn't seem to be a waiter around, so Angel serves up her boobs and Thomas helps himself. Hey, who said this was a buffetWe asked Angel Wicky if she has had sex in public, and she said, Yes, in a car and in a park. For shooting, it's cool and crazy. But for sex with someone I love No. The truth is I can't enjoy it and concentrate. I don't feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, small space, people around...I need quiet and a comfortable place, where I can do what I want and how I want, without anyone else around.Did she say love What's love got to do with itAngel calls herself a perfectionist, and she applies that attitude to gulp penish and fucking.I'm a porno star and I have the honor and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and fantasies of the people who see me. So I concentrate on making perfect scenes and photos. I try to do my best so everyone will enjoy them.See More of Angel Wicky at SCORELAND2.COM!. Angela white - angela's bikini bangeroo Angela's bikini bangeroo Nothing Angela does is ordinary or routine. She has the fire inside. She knows what she wants.I want to do hardcore! Angela had told us a few weeks earlier. And the wheels were set in motion.By doing this, Angela had finally caved in to her intense cravings, fueled by many midnight wet dreams of trying porn herself and masturbating to adult films and pictures while studying them. Angela is a super-intelligent, complex, well-educated stunner. She and SCORE were meant to explore her make love and deep-throating talents together.In Angela's Bikini Bangeroo, the wonder from down-under dons a lusty string monokini and shows off her incredible bod poolside in St. Maarten, the Caribbean, jacking up the heat levels yet again with a smokin' hot and titillating bangeroo. She is wild and hypersexual, gobbling, stroking and pumping the penish in a White-hot sex scene. It's a wonder Angela didn't turn the pool water into steam with her overheated body.The eight years building up to this were worth the wait to see this petite Australian coed worship the man-shaft as only she can. She is one in a million.  See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Mamazon Mamazon This pictorial was made during On Location Key Largo in the Keys, Florida. It was published in the first edition of the SCORE special magazine Mamazon. Mamazon #1 is sold out so if you don't have a copy in your library, your only chance to get one would be to find it in a used magazine store. This was one of Kerry's first sets on US ground. Before that, she'd only posed in Britain and Portugal. She was at her physical peak of slim-n-stacked at this time.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - leggy linsey Leggy Linsey A veteran LinseysWorld member logs in: Dear Linsey: Many congratulations for winning the SCORE Model of the Year 2004 contest! I knew this was going to be your year, sooner or later justice finally arrives. I think that if there is someone who deserves being the model of the millennium it is Linsey Dawn McKenzie, the most lovely woman in the planet earth, the real queen of queens. GOD SAVE QUEEN LINSEY! Sincerely, Roberto from Puebla City, Mexico. (LinseysWorld member since February 2003).See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Devyn devine - sex with the maid Sex With The Maid Devyn Devine, like most sexually advanced bra-busters, likes forceful dick-slingers to fill her throat and cunt and make love her large natural tits. Sensitive, gentle types like Ross from Friends or McDreamy from Grey's anatomy will probably be rejected by a Brooklyn-born tough girl like Devyn. She may like a guy like that as a buddy but not a make love buddy. Devyn is under the mistaken impression that slut-master JR is going to let her do her maid's work unmolested. Sorry, baby, he no can do. Not with those hooters and thick butthole in his face. The Rod Man pulls out his hose for her dairy cans and wet tongue as soon as he sees an opening. Devyn may not be a pleasant servant but she is a big cock-cleaner with her mouth. Before she became a maid at XL Girls, Devyn was a stripper. I was a dancer for six years, and I would take tips with my boobs, Devyn told us. Guys would put dollars down on tip row, and I would take them and put them in their mouth, and I'd push my natural tits together around their faces to take the tip, and I tell ya, I almost killed a lot of men. I'd forget that they were in there. I'd take the dollar and the song would be playing, and I'd forget a guy was in there, and I'd be like, 'Oh, crap, I'd better let him out.'See More of Devyn Devine at XLGIRLS.COM!. Larissa linn - breasts & jugs Tits & Jugs Larissa Linn says she wants to be the boss while she squeezes her heavy natural tits together. Her twin peaks look ready to pop out. 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SCORE's editor Dave observed, If you like your girls short 'n' stacked with hourglass figures and beautiful, smiling faces, you're not gonna find a better girl than Sheridan Love. Not surprisingly, the porn studs who have sex with her fall in love with her. And when porn studs fall in love with a girl, they drill her even harder.See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexya - the alexya effect The Alexya Effect Alexya, the girl with the Mona Lisa smile, has a body made for swimsuits and for peeling off those suits. We brought her to a spa with a swimming pool, turned on the camera and turned her loose so we could watch her get comfy and cozy. Alexya has a seductive, erotic style all her own. titillating and yearning, relaxed and uninhibited, laid-back, dreamy and informal. She knows that the Alexya effect drives us crazy. Alexya's been the number-one rated girl in the Model Directory since her debut. Considering how mild her posing is compared to so many other SCORE and V-mag Girls, that speaks volumes, not just about Alexya but the mind of the SCORELAND Man also.The July 2016 curvy awards issue features the contest winners of 2015 and Alexya is the Newcomer of the Year winner. Juliana Simms was second and Larissa Linn was third. Alexya had 30% of the website votes before all of the magazine ballots and emailed votes were included in the final count.  See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!.
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